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Using Ansible to generate complex configs.

The first thing I’ll say is that the files referenced are over at github I have been looking around for a good way to generate router/switch configs easily and quickly. Most of the tools I have seen are either not flexible enough or home brew and difficult to maintain. Ansible gives something I can use […]

Raspberry Pi RSPAN Capture Box

For some time I have had issues while doing captures such as finding the elusive “spare laptop” you can use, multiple trips out to the site to pick up the captures, or finding another NIC to put in there so you can connect remotely and copy the captures over the network, taking up 2 switch […]

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Daniel Himes

Daniel Himes grew up in the country without power or running water, and yet somehow fell into IT, and from there into networking. He learned how to do his job by getting certifications till his resume looked like he is a Cisco salesman. Over at dhimes.com he has a few tools he came up with, however just a warning you’ll note on his linkedin page he makes no claim to being good at web-pages.

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