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Vint Cerf’s Mission to Bring the Internet to Outer Space

77-year-old Vint Cerf is credited as the father of the internet — but he’s now tackling an even bigger challenge. He’s joined with the scientists who envision a network that can scale across hundreds of millions of miles, in an airless vacuum, where data transmissions can be blocked by, for example, the planet Jupiter. Cerf’s working with a team whose lofty new dream is an internet which can connect our spacecraft in outer space — to the other spacecraft, and to listeners waiting here on earth. It’s instructive to see how engineers approach a task that stretches endless on an interplanetary scale — and what it took to lead scientists to this galaxy-sized dream. Guide to the Galaxy Back in the 1970s, Cerf co-developed the TCP/IP protocol with Bob Kahn, which became the foundation for all internet communication today. (Though in a recent article in Quanta, Cerf stresses that “A lot of people contributed to the creation of the internet.”) But what’s less known is that Cerf has also held a lifelong interest in outer space. One

Akamai: The Financial Sector Is Seeing More APIs-Based Attacks

Cyberattackers are now increasingly targeting APIs, especially in the financial sector, according to content delivery network Akamai’s between 15% and 30% of all web traffic. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company hAndy Ellis neatly summarized the resultsemail to VentureBeat, Akamai explained some of the advantages of automation: criminals “use bots and tools that allow threading, or multiple simultaneous connections, to attempt multiple logins at once.” And by targeting APIs, “they hope to avoid some front-end defenses and speed up their validation times.” A recent Franck V. on