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IDG Contributor Network: Evolution of IT departments to support IoT and digital transformation

You can’t spell IoT without IT, but that doesn’t mean IT departments are big fans of Internet of Things deployments. In fact, we’ve observed that IoT tends to exacerbate some of the challenges that IT departments face within their organizations.Understanding and anticipating IT’s primary areas of concern can help IoT deployments succeed.Lines are blurring Traditionally, the IT department has operated in a vacuum. The focus of IT departments has been in internal support, network management and managing enterprise applications. IoT deployments have been the traditional focus of operations teams that typically deploy point solutions to solve a business issue.To read this article in full, please click here

IDG Contributor Network: Digital transformation of cities: Creating smart and engaged communities with IoT

What makes a city a “smart city?” Some would argue that it has to do with the degree to which the city is staying abreast of technology advancements, but that is too one-dimensional. Smart cities require an integrated approach to IoT, connectivity, AI, distributed computing and other technologies.To truly capitalize on smart city technology, technologists must understand the immediate and long-term pain points for city governments; the procurement framework including budgetary and funding issues; and the overall bureaucratic and legislative processes.An integrated approach to technology implementation – cutting across all departments in the city – can help alleviate specific challenges such as parking management, traffic management, street lighting, energy consumption (and demand response), and public safety.To read this article in full, please click here