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NSX Going Wild at This Year’s VMworld

Get ready! NSX is hosting a major swag giveaway at VMworld as part of a celebration for everything our customers have accomplished in 2017! At various times throughout the conference, we’ll be on the prowl, looking for folks sporting NSX gear. If you’re spotted “in the wild” adorned with anything “NSX”, you could win some awesome swag and prizes. 

Join the hunt: show off your NSX pride (and your photography skills), and post photos of anything #NSX with the hashtag #NSXintheWild.  Winners will be chosen at random on the VMworld floor and online, so you never know when we might have you in our sights. But make no mistake – if you’re representing NSX in the wild, you’ll be a prime target for swag.


Pay it forward: If you happen to spot some cool NSX gear in the wild, snap a photo and tweet it out using the hashtag #NSXintheWild.  We hope you’ll join the fun and show off your NSX treasure. Your odds of winning some prizes will be much higher at VMworld if you do, as opposed to hitting the slots!

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Calling all networking leaders – future:net 2017 is coming

“I thought future:net was the smartest of the networking conferences I’ve attended this year. The speakers were excellent — especially the customer and end-user stories, which provided valuable insight…it reminded me a lot of the first years of the Open Network Summit — the brain trust of the industry would attend, and that made it a must-attend show.
Craig Matsumoto, Managing Editor, SDX Central
 “A note to say what a privilege it was to participate in the future:net event. Seriously, absolutely top notch event that was free of the embuggerances that make large conferences such hard work. Congratulations on pulling it together and we hope for another invitation when it comes around again.”
Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks, Co-founders of Packet Pushers

We live in a hyper connected world – everything of value, from the apps, to the cloud, to the devices, to the users, is all closely tethered to one another. The network has become the critical platform that connects everything reliably and securely. IT must also evolve to support this new ecosystem of engagement. Ultimately, a lot has to happen for the network to deliver what customers need: a seamless and secure experience.

That’s why we’re looking Continue reading

Transforming IT Security in Three Key Steps

Several years ago, the CEO of a Fortune 100 company remarked: “If you went to bed last night as an industrial company, you’re going to wake up this morning as a software and analytics company.”

Today, these words are more true than ever—but so is the reality that the digital transformation in business has also given rise to significant changes across the IT landscape and, in turn, significant new challenges for IT security.

As people, devices, and objects become more connected, protecting all these connections and environments has become a top priority for many IT organizations. At the same time, it’s also become one of their biggest challenges. Securing each and every interaction between users, applications, and data is no easy feat—especially when you consider that securing these interactions needs to be done across environments that are constantly changing and increasingly dynamic.

So how do you mitigate risk in a world where IT complexity and “anytime, anywhere” digital interactions are growing exponentially? For organizations that are embracing cloud and virtualized environments, three common-sense steps—enabled by a ubiquitous software layer across the application infrastructure and endpoints that exists independently of the underlying physical infrastructure—are proving to be key for providing Continue reading