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Automating Red Hat Satellite with Ansible

Red Hat Satellite is a great tool to automate deployment, provisioning, patching and configuration of your infrastructure, but how can you automate Satellite itself?

Using the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and the Satellite Ansible Content Collection, of course!

Since you’re already tuning in, you probably don’t need convincing that automation is great; it helps enable easier collaboration, better accountability and easier reproducibility. But have you already heard about Collections?

We’ll show you how you can use the Satellite Ansible Content Collection to manage your Satellite installations via Ansible

What is the Satellite Ansible Content Collection?

The Satellite Ansible Content Collection is, as you might have guessed already, a set of Ansible modules and plugins to interact with Red Hat Satellite.

These modules are an evolution from the foreman and katello modules previously available in Ansible itself, as those are deprecated since Ansible 2.8 and are scheduled for removal in 2.12. Due to the use of a Satellite-specific library, the old modules would not work properly in plain Foreman setups and often lacked features that were not present in Red Hat Satellite. At the same time, using the modules together with Satellite wasn’t easy either, as the used Continue reading