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Rapid Micro-segmentation using Application Rule Manager Recommendation Engine

Customers understand the need for micro-segmentation and benefits it provides to enhance the security posture within their datacenter. However, one of the challenges for a Security admin is how to define micro-segmentation policies for applications owned and managed by application teams. This is even more challenging especially when you have tens or hundreds of unique applications in your data center, all of which use different port and protocols and resources across the cluster. The traditional manual perimeter firewall policy modeling may not be ideal and may not be able to scale for the micro-segmentation of your applications as it would be error-prone, complex and time consuming.

NSX addresses the how & where to start micro-segmentation challenge by providing the built-in tool called Application Rule Manager (ARM), to automate the application profiling and the onboarding of applications with micro-segmentation policies. NSX ARM has been part of NSX, since the NSX 6.3.0 release but here we will talk about Application Rule Manager (ARM) enhancement, Recommendation Engine, introduced as part of NSX 6.4.0 release. This enhancement allows you to do Rapid Micro-segmentation to your data center application by recommending “ready to consume” workload grouping & firewall policy rules.

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