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Ansible Workshops, Value for partners

The Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform makes IT automation simple and powerful. In line with the fast growing adoption and community, we want Red Hat’s business partners and customers to be familiar with the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. Of course, there are lots of resources for learning about Ansible out there: books, blogs, tutorials and training. But the people at Red Hat working behind the scenes on Ansible created something especially useful: the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform workshops! 

As a Red Hat partner, no matter if you are planning to run an Ansible demo, train your internal staff or deliver a workshop to get your customers started with Ansible, the Ansible workshops are the way to go! Instead of creating your own workshop framework and content, you can focus on delivering Ansible enablement with consistent messaging through tested and curated exercises created by Red Hat. Using consistent, scalable content following best practices allows you to concentrate on your main business, building solutions for your customers and enabling the customer teams on the corresponding technology.


The Ansible Workshops

The Ansible workshops provide you with everything you need to successfully run workshops, including presentations, guided exercises and dedicated Continue reading