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VMware NSX Micro-segmentation – Horizon 7

Organizations that embark on the journey of building our virtual desktop environments, are taking traditionally external endpoints and bringing them into the data center.  These endpoints are now closer and most times, reside on the same networking infrastructure as the backend application servers that they may access. These endpoints run Windows or even Linux desktop operating systems with multiple end-users that can access them. Malicious attacks that would traditionally take place outside the data center should an end-user find their desktop or laptop machine infected, could now take place on their virtual desktops inside the data center.  With physical equipment, it’s easy to isolate the physical desktop or laptop and remediate the attack.  Securing virtual desktop environments requires a different approach, but not one that’s unattainable.  Securing an end user computing deployments is one of the primary security use cases for VMware NSX and can help provide a layered approach to securing virtual desktop workloads in the data center.

The NSX platform covers several business cases for securing an end user computing deployment.  Each of these use cases, helps provide a multi-layered approach to ensure end user endpoints are as secure as possible in the Continue reading