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SIDH in Go for quantum-resistant TLS 1.3

The Quantum Threat

SIDH in Go for quantum-resistant TLS 1.3

Most of today's cryptography is designed to be secure against an adversary with enormous amounts of computational power. This means estimating how much work certain computations (such as factoring a number, or finding a discrete logarithm) require, and choosing cryptographic parameters based on our best estimate of how much work would be required to break the system.

If it were possible to build a large-scale quantum computer, many of the problems whose difficulty we rely on for security would no longer be difficult to solve. While it remains unknown whether large-scale quantum computers are possible (see this article for a good overview), it's a sufficient risk that there's wide interest in developing quantum-resistant (or post-quantum) cryptography: cryptography that works on ordinary computers we have today, but which is secure against a possible quantum computer.

At Cloudflare, our biggest use of cryptography is TLS, which we use both for serving our customers' websites (all Cloudflare sites get free HTTPS), as well as for internal inter-datacenter communication on our backend.

In the TLS context, we want to create a secure connection between a client and a server. There are basically three cryptographic problems here:

  1. Authenticity: the server Continue reading