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Raspberry Pi as a Deliciously Simple VPN Endpoint

Being the networking nerd I am, I have a pretty big network at home.  And as the denizens of the Packet Pushers IRC channel know, I do a lot of work with VPNs.  One of my use cases is sharing the resources on my home network.  My friends, family, and coworkers sometimes like to use my network […]

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Ian, known on the internets as Iggdawg, is a networking and security engineer at a global managed services firm serving a respectable chunk of fortune 100. Turn-ons include reading crypto debugs, adding tasks to crontabs, hating on Checkpoint, hoppy beer, and overengineering his home network in the name of science. Turn-offs include Checkpoint, conf.d folders, the VG248 console interface, ip voice in general, windows servers, Checkpoint, and customers that call in and start with "I was configuring my ASA with ASDM when...".

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