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Understanding Kubernetes Security on Docker Enterprise 3.0

This is a guest post by Javier Ramírez, Docker Captain and IT Architect at Hopla Software. You can follow him on Twitter @frjaraur or on Github.

Docker began including Kubernetes with Docker Enterprise 2.0 last year. The recent 3.0 release includes CNCF Certified Kubernetes 1.14, which has many additional security features. In this blog post, I will review Pod Security Policies and Admission Controllers.

What are Kubernetes Pod Security Policies?

Pod Security Policies are rules created in Kubernetes to control security in pods. A pod will only be scheduled on a Kubernetes cluster if it passes these rules. These rules are defined in the  “PodSecurityPolicy” resource and allow us to manage host namespace and filesystem usage, as well as privileged pod features. We can use the PodSecurityPolicy resource to make fine-grained security configurations, including:

  • Privileged containers.
  • Host namespaces (IPC, PID, Network and Ports).
  • Host paths and their permissions and volume types.
  • User and group for containers process execution and setuid capabilities inside container.
  • Change default containers capabilities.
  • Behaviour of Linux security modules.
  • Allow host kernel configurations using sysctl.

The Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP) 3.2 provides two Pod Security Policies by default – which is helpful Continue reading