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Monitoring as code with Sensu + Ansible

A comprehensive infrastructure as code (IaC) initiative should include monitoring and observability. Incorporating the active monitoring of the infrastructure under management results in a symbiotic relationship in which failures are detected automatically, enabling event-driven code changes and new deployments.

In this post, I’ll recap a webinar I hosted with Tadej Borovšak, Ansible Evangelist at XLAB Steampunk (who we collaborated with on our certified Ansible Content Collection for Sensu Go). You’ll learn how monitoring as code can serve as a feedback loop for IaC workflows, improving the overall automation solution and how to automate your monitoring with the certified Ansible Content Collection for Sensu Go (with demos!).

Before we dive in, here’s a brief overview of Sensu.


About Sensu

Sensu is the turn-key observability pipeline that delivers monitoring as code on any cloud — from bare metal to cloud native. Sensu provides a flexible observability platform for DevOps and SRE teams, allowing them to reuse their existing monitoring and observability tools, and integrates with best-of-breed solutions — like Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. 

With Sensu, you can reuse existing tooling, like Nagios plugins, as well as monitor ephemeral, cloud-based infrastructure, like Red Hat OpenShift. Sensu helps you Continue reading