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Why I’m Joining Cloudflare

Why I'm Joining Cloudflare

I love working as a Chief Security Officer because every day centers around building something that makes people safer. Back in 2002, as I considered leaving my role as a cybercrime federal prosecutor to work in tech on e-commerce trust and safety, a mentor told me, “You have two rewarding but very different paths: you can prosecute one bad actor at a time, or you can try to build solutions that take away many bad actors' ability to do harm at all.” And while each is rewarding in its own way, my best days are those where I get to see harm prevented—at Internet scale.

Why I'm Joining Cloudflare

In 2016, while traveling the United States to conduct hearings on the condition of Internet security as a member of President Obama's cyber commission, my co-commissioners noticed I had fallen into a pattern of asking the same question of every panelist: “Who is responsible for building a safer online environment where small businesses can set up shop without fear?” We heard many answers that all led to the same “not a through street” conclusion: Most law enforcement agencies extend their jurisdiction online, but there are no digital equivalents to the Department of Continue reading