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Ansible Community Update — February 2019


Ansible is a popular project by many metrics, including over 42,000 commits on GitHub. Our community contributes a lot of pull requests (PRs) every month. Unfortunately, the volume of incoming PRs means contributors often have to wait days, weeks, or months for PRs to be merged. Sometimes it takes that long for a cursory review. We want to change that, but we need your help!

The Core team and community at large are kicking off new initiatives under the contributor experience umbrella. The idea is to help address causes that slow down quality PRs from being merged into Ansible's codebase.

To help with this, we are dedicating one day a month to doing a community review. The goals we are setting for these meetings are:

  • Give potential new community members a place to learn and experiment with Ansible's review process and exchange feedback

  • Identify process and documentation improvements via feedback provided from the Ansible community

  • Give PRs needed attention; remove blockers where necessary

  • Identify PRs that could be merged or closed

We’re particularly interested in feedback from people starting their journey with open source as it helps us to improve our processes and documentation. It’s helpful to have new contributors Continue reading