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Red Hat Single Sign-on Integration with Ansible Tower


As you might know, Red Hat Ansible Tower supports SAML authentication (both N and Z) by default. This document will guide you through the steps for configuring both products to delegate the authentication to RHSSO/Keycloak (Red Hat Single Sign-On).


  • A running RHSSO/Keycloak instance
  • Ansible Tower
  • Admin rights for both
  • DNS resolution


Hands-On Lab

Unless you have your own certificate already, the first step will be to create one. To do so, execute the following command:

openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes -out saml.crt -keyout saml.key

Now we need to create the Ansible Tower Realm on the RHSSO platform. Go to the "Select Realm" drop-down and click on "Add new realm":


Once created, go to the "Keys" tab and delete all certificates, keys, etc. that were created by default.

Now that we have a clean realm, let's populate it with the appropriate information. Click on "Add Keystore" in the upper right corner and click on RSA:


Click on Save and create your Ansible Tower client information. It is recommend to start with the Tower configuration so that you can inject the metadata file and customize a few of the fields.

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