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Enable self-healing applications with Ansible and Dynatrace


The size, complexity and high rate of change in today’s IT environments can be overwhelming. Enabling the performance and availability of these modern microservice environments is a constant challenge for IT organizations. 

One trend contributing to this rate of change is the adoption of IT automation for provisioning, configuration management and ongoing operations. For this blog, we want to highlight the repeatable and consistent outcomes allowed by IT automation, and explore what is possible when Ansible automation is extended to the application monitoring platform Dynatrace.

Thanks to Jürgen Etzlstorfer for giving us an overview of the Ansible and Dynatrace integration.


Monitoring Today

Considering the size, complexity and high rate of change in today's IT environments, traditional methods of monitoring application performance and availability are often necessary and commonplace in most operations teams. Application performance monitoring (APM) platforms are used to detect bottlenecks and problems that can impact the experience of your customers.

Monitoring alone, however, isn’t always enough to help keep your applications running at peak performance. When issues are detected, APM platforms are designed to alert the operator of the problem and its root-cause. The Ops team can then agree on a corrective action, and implement this Continue reading