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What’s new: network automation with ansible.netcommon 3.0.0

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With the recent release of the ansible.netcommon Collection version 3.0.0, we have promoted two features as standard: libssh transport and import_modules. These features provide increased performance and resiliency for your network automation. These two features, which have been available since July 2020 (libssh) and March 2021 (import_modules), are now turned on by default for playbooks running the latest version of the netcommon Collection, so let's take a look at what makes these changes so exciting!


The road to libssh

Libssh support was formally announced in November 2020 for FIPS mode compatibility and speed. This blog goes into great detail about why we started this change, and it's worth a read if you want to know more about how we use paramiko or libssh in the network_cli connection plugin. I'm going to try not to rehash everything from that post, but I do want to take a little time to revisit security and speed to show what libssh brings to the experience of using ansible with network devices.



One of the earliest issues we identified with paramiko, our earlier SSH transport plugin, is that it was not FIPS 140 compliant. This meant that environments Continue reading