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The Wired Nursery

This month, we’ve asked parents to share their experiences of raising kids in the tech age. Today’s guest author is Kimberly Rae Miller, author of Beautiful Bodies and the bestselling memoir Coming Clean.

Being a parent means living with constant, underlying anxiety over just about everything from how to slice hot dogs, to the age old winter jacket vs. car seat conundrum, to whether all the tech used to keep kids alive/make life with them easier is actually going to screw them up/destroy your life.

The latter takes a fair bit of cognizant dissonance. Most of us know at least some of the pitfalls of our wired life. After all, the digital assistant in my living room knew that I was pregnant again about five seconds after I did (and yes, there are Bluetooth-enabled home pregnancy tests), and voila, almost immediately targeted ads for diapers and nursery furniture started showing up when I shopped online. Most of the time I brush aside how uncomfortable it all makes me, because the gizmos and gadgets that make momming slightly easier are maybe worth the invasion of privacy.

When I was pregnant with my now two-year-old son, I knew that I didn’t know Continue reading