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How to Simplify Your Journey to Zero Trust with NSX Workshops

At its core, Zero Trust is an operational framework that helps enterprises secure modern network environments. Zero Trust insists organizations strip away ambiguity from their security and focus on the basics: committing to a risk-based approach across end-users, networks, data, devices, and much more. If you’re ready to take the next step toward built-in, Zero Trust networking (ZTN), we can help.  Learn how to successfully implement Zero Trust networking and segmentation strategies at one of our upcoming NSX Network Security Workshop Sessions on TuesdaySeptember 28, 2021 or on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. 

During these live virtual events, Patricio Villar, Principal Network Architect and VMware Certified Expert/Network Virtualization, will cover Zero Trust foundational concepts, including: 

  • How to identify communication paths to segment and build policy to protect your data center 
  • How implementing  NSX security supports ZTN framework
  • How to easily implement stronger distributed security with VMware NSX 

NSX Network Security Workshop topics include:

If you’re ready to simplify Zero Trust so you can have simply zero worries, grab your spot and register today.    

See you there! 

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