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Ansible for AWS: Introduction to Spot Instance Automation

What are Spot Instance and Spot Instance Requests?

A Spot Instance is an instance that uses spare AWS EC2 capacity that is available for less than the On-Demand price. Because Spot Instances provide the ability to request unused EC2 instances at steep discounts, it can lower your Amazon EC2 costs significantly. 

Spot Instances are a cost-effective choice if you can be flexible about when your applications run and whether your applications can be interrupted. For example, Spot Instances are well-suited for data analysis, batch jobs, background processing, and optional tasks.


Managing Spot Instances with Ansible

So you want to manage your Spot Instance Requests with Ansible Automation Platform? When it comes to managing AWS resources, the Ansible Amazon AWS Collection includes a variety of Ansible content to help automate the management of AWS instances. Using Ansible to automate applications in AWS greatly increases the chances that your cloud initiative will be a success.  

With the latest addition of new modules to the Ansible Amazon AWS Collection, we have introduced two new modules to help manage Spot Instance Requests efficiently.

The ec2_spot_instance module helps in creating as well as terminating the Spot Instance Requests, while it’s companion module, Continue reading