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Automating F5 Big-IP Using Ansible webinar


The following blog contains answers to all questions asked during the Automating F5 BIG-IP using Ansible webinar.

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Q: Can you pass the BIG-IP username and password by variable? Also, is there a way to mask the password in the Playbooks or manually feed the credentials as the Playbooks run? How can we ensure security here given that administrative passwords are clear text in the Playbooks themselves?

Yes, the BIG-IP username and password can be passed as a variable by referencing them from the inventory file or even provide them during runtime on the cli -- although this would show them in the process list if you did a 'ps'. You can also specify them in a vars_prompt; this would prevent them from being shown in 'ps'. The downside here is that this would limit the amount of automation you can provide because running the Playbook would require that either be typed in or specified with '-e' ('-e' auto fills vars_prompts that match). The recommended way is to get the vars from a secure location. Ansible provides Vault, Continue reading