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An Introduction to oVirt Ansible Roles

Today I would like to share with you some of the integration work with Ansible 2.3 that was done in the latest oVirt 4.1 release. The Ansible integration work was quite extensive and included Ansible modules that can be utilized for automating a wide range of oVirt tasks, including tiered application deployment and virtualization infrastructure management.

While Ansible has multiple levels of integrations, I would like to focus this article on oVirt Ansible roles. As stated in the Ansible documentation: “Roles in Ansible build on the idea of include files and combine them to form clean, reusable abstractions – they allow you to focus more on the big picture and only dive into the details when needed.”

We used the above logic as a guideline for developing the oVirt Ansible roles. We will cover three of the many Ansible roles available for oVirt:

For each example, I will describe the role's purpose and how it is used.

oVirt Infra

The purpose of this role is to automatically configure and manage an oVirt datacenter. It will take a newly deployed- but not yet configured- oVirt engine (RHV-M for RHV users), hosts, and storage and Continue reading