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What you can expect: AnsibleFest 2021 for IT Leaders

This year, we are adapting our signature automation event, AnsibleFest, into a free virtual experience. Seasoned pros and new Ansible enthusiasts alike can find answers and learn more about Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, the platform for building and operating automation at scale and creating an enterprise automation strategy. We are excited to offer a track designed specifically for IT leaders

Let’s take a closer look at this track for AnsibleFest 2021.


IT Leaders at AnsibleFest

The role of automation for IT leaders has certainly evolved in recent years. Automation that used to be contained to domain-specific, task-bound practices has evolved to encompass full enterprises -- connecting teams and areas that were not connected before. The prospect of beginning an automation practice, or even unifying separate automation efforts, can often seem daunting. No matter where you are on your automation journey, we have a session for you.

Attendees will hear from like-minded companies about their targeted use cases and experiences with automation, sharing how they navigated their digital transformation journeys and lessons learned. We are also excited to be joined by several analysts who will share their insights and perspectives.

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