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Sign Up for Internet Society Fundamentals and Advance an Internet for Everyone, Everywhere

Do you believe in an Internet that inspires development and progress? Do you want to enable opportunities to help people improve their quality of life? Are you ready to become an agent of change, starting in your own community? If you answered yes to these questions, this is your opportunity to shine! Join our Internet Society crew for the brand new Internet Society Fundamentals Program and get ready to make your mark. This opportunity is exclusive to our members and is available until March 15th.

During Internet Society Fundamentals you’ll learn to use your knowledge and personal skills to build local impact. Using the 2021 Action Plan as your blueprint, you’ll work to advance our vision: the Internet is for everyone.

Now is the time to start your journey!

Check your email for program details and submit the included form. You can also follow your member Chapter and SIG leaders on social media for instructions on how to begin, or contact your Community Engagement Manager for more information.

Not a member, but want to learn about opportunities like Internet Society Fundamentals and more? Join today!

Together we are strong. Together we build the future of Internet.

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Chapter Training Program 2020: The Power of Us!

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”
—Brené Brown

Three months ago, the Internet Society decided to face a new challenge. We took ourselves out of our comfort zone to move our community to the next level: empowerment through education. We began the Chapter Training Program, born to satisfy the increasing need of our Chapter leaders to engage their members in an impactful and informed way. The purpose was to identify and help form new leaders to work together to create local awareness, as part of our 2020 Action Plan .

This journey was not easy. However, our community embraced vulnerability and we overcame many obstacles, like change and uncertainty. In the end, we succeeded – because together our strength is bigger than our challenges. It’s part of our community’s DNA: having the conviction to build an Internet that enriches people’s lives and enables opportunities to all.We demonstrated that when we work together, we accomplish great things. Challenge becomes just a word… To be brave, first we need to be vulnerable and once we are brave, the sky is the limit!

I want to share the results of our work – and I hope we can Continue reading

Learn, Contribute, and Engage! Introducing the Chapter Training Program!

Our members plays a vital role in working for a open, globally-connected, and secure Internet for all – through their experience, knowledge, and passion. For this reason, we’re excited to announce the Internet Society’s 2020 Chapters Training Program.

The Chapters Training Program will be the first engagement and learning program for members that focuses on developing new community leaders.  These community leaders can work together with their respective Chapters and create local awareness of our 2020 Action Plan work and explore options for members to become involved.

Growing and developing our communities is one of our main priorities. By launching this program we aim to strengthen three important development components for Chapters: Chapter alignment to Organizations Strategy, Capacity Building, and Community engagement.

Enrollment for Chapters interested in being part of the program will be open until February 9th . Chapters can subscribe here.

For Chapters interested on getting more details about the program, a video session is available.

We hope to get as many Chapters as possible for this first year pilot!

We can only grow if we innovate and work together. New ideas will always bring new opportunities. Join us and be part of this global initiative!

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Community Week: Share Ideas to Help Make the Internet Stronger

The role people play in our community is vital for an open and trustworthy Internet for everyone. We know that without the knowledge, experience, and contributions of our members the Internet Society wouldn’t be complete.

Chapters Leaders Training in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Chapters of the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region have come together to implement a training program that allows members to work with their local Chapter, contributing to the four focus areas of the Internet Society’s Action Plan 2019. The first LAC Capacity Building Program for Chapters was successfully launched last week, with the participation of 182 people out of almost 1000 applicants.

This initiative started at the beginning of the year as a result of a working session held with LAC Chapters leaders. During the session, it was determined that capacity building was an important leverage point for Chapter development and it would be a tool to achieve the Chapters’ local goals during 2019. In the process, three important phases were defined for the program:

  • Capacity Building: Training in our different focus areas
  • Community engagement: Allocation of trained members in Chapters to support local initiatives
  • 2020-2025 Planning: LAC Chapters Workshop to define LAC Community Continue reading

Applications Open: Training for New Chapter Leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean

For us at the Internet Society, the role that people play in our community is vital to carrying our message in favor of an open and trusted Internet for all. We rely on the contributions, knowledge, and experience of our members. For this reason, the Chapters of the Latin American and Caribbean region have come together to offer and implement a pilot training program for their members.

Active participation of people in their local chapter is one of the main objectives of the program. The people involved will contribute to the four focus areas of the Internet Society’s 2019 Action Plan and will adopt our narrative and tone of voice. The sessions of the program will have facilitators from the LAC region with extensive knowledge on the topics addressed. In addition there will be special sessions with participation of experts from Internet Society staff.

180 seats are available to be distributed among Chapters of the LAC region. The selected candidates will have the opportunity to be trained in Internet Governance; community networks and access; Internet technical security; or the Internet of Things and Public Policy. The general criteria for participating is published here, although it is important to emphasize Continue reading

Update on Latin America and Caribbean Workshop for Chapter Leaders

In July 2018, the Internet Society’s Latin America and Caribbean Bureau held another edition of the Workshop for Chapter Leaders. Besides discussing the challenges and opportunities of participation in their respective chapters, the 34 attendees began the implementation of several projects related to our 4 key issues of 2018. Starting 2019, I am glad to share with you the main results of these projects.

Participation showed a strong preference for Internet access issues. As a result, 10 of the 23 projects implemented were focused on Community Networks. Following our vocation in favor of the multistakeholder approach and the participation of the community, 8 of the projects took Internet Governance as a central theme. The remaining 5 projects focused on trust and security by focusing on Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet routing security through MANRS.

The results are inspiring, since they reflect the diversity of the Latin American and Caribbean region. In Community Networks, projects include a broad spectrum of related topics, ranging from the deployment and implementation of networks to the analysis and mapping of regulatory conditions to ensure such deployment. In addition, some of the projects focused on capacity building through webinars.

In terms of Internet Governance, awareness Continue reading

In Azacualpa, Honduras: “Smart Communities” Help Preserve Collective Memory

Access to the Internet can change people’s lives for the better. This is particularly true when communities take ownership of that access and take full advantage of it to improve their quality of life. This has been the case in the community of Azacualpa, a village in Intibucá in Honduras.

In Azacualpa, the members of the community took on the task of developing and implementing the project “Smart Communities” in order to reduce the digital divide – and preserve their collective memory. The project, which is part of the Internet Society’s Beyond the Net program, finds its origin in “Radio Azacualpa – The Voice of Women,” a community radio station that started in 2017.

By 2018, Smart Communities expanded its reach by impacting the nearly 400 families that inhabit the Azacualpa Valley. To achieve its objectives, the team divided the tasks into three main groups: administrative aspects, project governance, and technical aspects. The three working groups were accompanied by the Honduras Chapter of the Internet Society and the organization Sustainable Development Network Honduras (RDS-HN).

The participation of the community was fundamental. In addition to promoting a consultation with the community, the project facilitators promoted training in communications so that community Continue reading

LACIGF Workshop for Chapter Leaders: The Internet Should Reach Everyone

Inside the framework of the 11th meeting of LACIGF, the Internet Society’s Regional Bureau in Latin America & Caribbean successfully carried out the 2018 edition of the Workshop for Chapter Leaders. In addition to addressing the key issues of the organization, the event included a session focused on personal development. The 34 participants, from 22 Chapters, also had the opportunity to talk with Andrew Sullivan, future Executive Director of the Internet Society.

Volunteering: A Shared Challenge

The Internet Society Chapters are a fundamental component of the Internet Society. Made up of people with diverse backgrounds and interests, the Chapters pursue a common and ambitious goal: the Internet should reach everyone. To achieve this, each member spends a significant part of their time working with their peers on diverse projects.

This is why, the first part of the Chapter Workshop focused on human development components related to leadership. Although the content was shared with the representatives of each Chapter that attended the workshop, the idea was to reinforce the message within the boards of the chapters of the given region, in order to facilitate the promotion of these ideas locally.

A Conversation with Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan will assume the role Continue reading