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Visit the VMware Team at ONUG 2019 in NYC!

Come see VMware and the Networking and Security team at ONUG Fall 2019 in NYC, NY from October 16-17.

Why Attend ONUG 2019?

Join us in New York at ONUG Fall 2019 for an opportunity to meet the industry’s leading trailblazers and thought leaders, as they share their insights and ideas on Digital Transformation.

ONUG Fall 2019 is your chance to get access to the industry’s leading luminaries. We’ve assembled an amazing group of notable speakers from the Global 2000 and developed a jam-packed agenda, that includes:

  • Working Groups
  • Showcases
  • Proof Of Concept Sessions
  • Roundtable discussions

Topics Covered at ONUG 2019

The focus of ONUG Fall 2019 will be Building, Managing and Securing the Digital Enterprise, but we’ll be covering a range of topics that include:

  • Hybrid multi-cloud
  • A secure internet
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Automated and software-driven infrastructure
  • Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) 2.0 and more

VMware Participation At ONUG Fall 2019

VMware is participating in multiple ways this week at the event. Many of the solutions from the networking and security team are represented, additionally our SVP + GM of Networking and Security Business Unit, Tom Gillis, hosted a security focused dinner last evening, and we Continue reading

Service-defined Firewall Benchmark and Solution Architecture

Today we are happy to introduce the Service-defined Firewall Validation Benchmark report and Solution Architecture document. Firewalls and firewalling technology have come a very long way in thirty years. To understand how VMware is addressing the demands of modern application frameworks, while addressing top concerns for present day CISO’s, let’s take a brief look at the history of this technology.


A Brief Firewall History

Over time, the network firewall has grown up, from initially being very basic to more advanced with the inclusion of additional features and functionality. The network firewall incrementally incorporated increasingly complex functionality to address many threats in the modern security landscape.

While the network firewall initially progressed rapidly to keep pace with the development of network technology and rapid evolution of network threat vectors, over the past decade there has been very little in terms of innovation in this space. The requirements of next-generation (NGFW) haven’t changed tremendously since its late 2000’s introduction to the market, and with the uptick in adoption of modern micro-services based architectures into the modern enterprise, applications are becoming more and more distributed in nature, with growing scale and security concerns around the ephemeral nature of the infrastructure.

Micro-services, which Continue reading