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Distributed Firewall on VMware Cloud on AWS

This blog post will provide a deep dive on the distributed firewall (DFW) on VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS). Let’s start with the basic concepts of a distributed firewall:

Distributed Firewall Concepts

The distributed firewall is an essential feature of NSX Data Center and essentially provides the ability to wrap virtual machines around a virtual firewall.

The virtual firewall is a stateful Layer 4 (L4) firewall – it’s capable of inspecting the traffic up to the Layer 4 of the OSI model: in simple terms, it means they look at IP addresses (source and destination) and TCP/UDP ports and filter the traffic based upon these criteria.

What’s unique about our firewall is that it has contextual view of the virtual data center – this means our distributed firewall can secure workloads based on VM criteria instead of just source and destination IP addresses.

Traditional firewalling is based on source and destination IPs – constructs that have no business logic or context into applications. Our distributed firewall can secure workloads based on smarter criteria such as the name of the virtual machine or metadata such as tags.

This enables us to build security rules based on business logic (using Continue reading