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Getting started with Route Maps Resource Modules

Red Hat Ansible Engine v2.9 introduced the first set of Resource Modules that make network automation easier and more consistent, especially in multi-vendor environments. These network resource specific and opinionated Ansible modules help us avoid creating overly complex Jinja2 templates to render and push network configurations, thereby easing the adoption of network automation both in green and brownfield environments. The resource modules, along with the tools provided in ansible.utils, are highly focused on allowing the end user to manipulate network configuration as “structured data” and not have to worry about network platform specific details.

In the past, we have gone through resource modules that facilitate managing BGP, OSPFv2, ACLs and VLANS configurations on network devices. In this blog post, we’ll cover the newly added route maps resource modules using cisco.nxos.nxos_route_maps as an example.

Route maps are used to define which routes from a source routing protocol are to be distributed to a target routing protocol. It also allows filtering routes that are sent or received between BGP peers. Every route map can have multiple entries, with each entry having a sequence number and an action (the “permit” or “deny” clause) associated with it. Continue reading