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NSX Workshop: Secure App Infrastructure and Multi-Site Cloud Networking

NSX Workshops

[Summer 2018] Free NSX Training Workshop near you!

Secure Application Infrastructure and Multi-Site Cloud Networking


What: Attend a half-day lecture and lab designed to get you started with Micro-segmentation and Multi-Site Cloud Networking (Disaster Recovery).

Why: Not only will you get a business and technical overview of NSX Data Center, you’ll also receive hands-on experience with the products. We’ll make sure you leave knowing how NSX can help secure and extend your network across multiple sites, and into the cloud.


Sneak peek (full agenda in registration links):

  • Security: Understand your network traffic flows and intelligently create security groups and policies, leveraging vRNI, Service Composer, and Application Rule Manager to secure your network.
  • Disaster Recovery: Deep dive into multi-site NSX Data Center topologies, learn how to architect your network overlays, and gain visibility across your virtual and physical networks – all so you can build a resilient and flexible network.

RSVP your spot today (click below):

GET IN THERE! Sign up for VMware’s Hands-On Labs and Enter to Win a Paid Trip to VMworld 2018


VMworld is almost upon us! As the world’s premier digital infrastructure event, VMworld attracts the most talented professionals around the world who care deeply about virtualization and cloud computing.

If you’re new to VMware products and want to get a deep dive, take any of our newly released Hands-on Labs (including the extremely popular “NSX -Getting Started”) to get one-on-one guidance from VMware experts that you can bring back to your organization to hit the ground running. Hands-on Labs (HOL) are the fastest, easiest way to test-drive the full technical capabilities of VMware products for free and without needing to install anything.


Sign up for a Qualifying Hands-on Lab and Enter to Win a Free Trip to VMworld

As an added bonus, if you sign up for a qualifying Hands-on Lab, you’ll be entered to win an all-expenses-paid trip to VMworld US or Europe (up to $5,000 USD). The winner will not only rub elbows with the team that delivers HOL, they’ll also get VIP access to the “behind the scenes” command centers.

As a VMworld attendee and Hands-on Labs student, you’ll gain special access to the latest VMware technologies without being required to purchase equipment, Continue reading

Zero Trust. Maximize Network Virtualization and Micro-segmentation


It’s official: when it comes to security threats, the question IT teams should be asking is not if but when. VMware recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how organizations are improving the security of their infrastructure through network virtualization and micro-segmentation. Analysis found that 92% of respondents reported having faced minor security incidents in the last 12 months alone, while 65% of respondents endured a major incident in the same time span. These figures seal the deal; the naïve days of preparing for potential issues are long gone. Cyber threats are real, imminent, and happen often.



Companies today attribute more of their security issues to improper network segmentation than to the volume of threats overall. In response, leaders across industries are turning to network virtualization – specifically the Zero Trust security model – as a key strategy in combating threats. This strategy posits that whether a network is labeled secure or insecure, both should be treated as equally vulnerable. Further, the Zero Trust model supports the argument that ”traditional, perimeter-based security configurations are no longer a sufficient measure for protecting the network, and highlights steps companies can take to better secure their network, starting with network virtualization Continue reading

VMware Welcomes Tom Gillis as SVP & General Manager, Networking and Security Business Unit

Back at Interop Las Vegas in 2013, less than one year after VMware acquired Nicira, then VMware’s chief architect of networking Martin Casado stated what was probably the understatement of the decade: “it’s a very exciting time to be in networking.”

With the birth of software-defined networking, pioneered by folks like Casado, the industry entered into a transformation unlike anything we’ve seen since the invention of Ethernet. The entire industry — from fascinating start-ups to the big players — rushed to challenge networking’s historical operational model, leveraging the power of software to help move networking into the future. Customers have embraced this model, where they can not only provision networking components in minutes without the need to modify the application, but they can also deliver micro-segmentation and granular security to each individual workload. It’s become a huge part of the success story for our customers, our partners and VMware ourselves.

Since then, we have continued to build out the portfolio with Software-Defined WAN, multi-cloud networking, hybrid cloud connectivity and network operations management and visibility solutions. And this week at Dell Technologies World, our CEO Pat Gelsinger laid out the Virtual Cloud Network, our vision for a software-defined network architecture Continue reading

Boston Medical Center Secures Electronic Patient Records with VMware NSX


Boston City Hospital and Boston University Medical Center Hospital merged in 1996 to form Boston Medical Center (BMC).  This 497-bed teaching hospital in the South End of Boston provides primary and critical care to a diverse population and houses the largest Level 1 trauma center in New England.


As a 24-hour hub for surgeries and life-sustaining medical care, BMC relies heavily on technology to support all operations, from appointment scheduling to vital health monitoring and imaging systems. Boston Medical Center has standardized on vSphere as a virtualization platform for its data centers.  With their server infrastructure almost 90% virtualized, BMC uses VMware vCloud Suite, Site Recovery Manager, vRealize Operations Manager, and has recently added NSX to better secure its Epic Electronic Medical Records platform.


In 2015, BMC implemented the Dell DRIVE system, including VMware, to consolidate and digitize medical records storage and delivery on Epic. While the Epic records must be constantly accessible to health care providers, who require immediate access to essential patient information throughout the hospital system, those same records must also be protected from intrusion or misuse. According to David Bass, SDDC Engineer at Boston Medical Center, “The type of data that Continue reading

Join NSX at RSA, Dell Technologies World, and Interop Conferences


Conference season is upon us, and the NSX team will be out in full effect. Join us at any of the following events to get a demo, ask us questions, and hear us wax poetic about all things security and network virtualization!

RSA Conference

April 16–20, 2018
Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA
Booth #4101, North Hall

NSX is delighted to attend everyone’s favorite security conference, RSA. This year’s theme is “Now Matters,” aptly named in time with the astounding number of threats to cybersecurity and data breaches we’ve collectively seen in the news this year. That said, don’t miss a great talk on how app architecture “now matters” when it comes to transforming security by Tomrn, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security Products, VMware. His session will be on April 17 from 1:00pm–1:45pm. The team will also be doing demos at the VMware booth (#4101 in the North Hall) – so be sure to swing by and chat with us about our offerings. 


VMware Speaking Sessions at RSA Conference:

NSX Mindset Reception:

Join us for a NSX Mindset reception with VMware Continue reading

How NSX Is Tapping into the Human Element Behind Network Virtualization

How NSX Is Tapping into the Human Element Behind Network Virtualization Virtualization can be a tricky concept for some people to wrap their heads around. Trying to explain the functionalities and benefits of technology like VMware NSX can quickly devolve into techno-babble. With that said, we’re trying to take another approach—a more human approach. Below are three customer stories that emphasize a human-interest element behind network... Read more →

How NSX Is Tapping into the Human Element Behind Network Virtualization


Virtualization can be a tricky concept for some people to wrap their heads around. Trying to explain the functionalities and benefits of technology like VMware NSX can quickly devolve into techno-babble. With that said, we’re trying to take another approach—a more human approach. Below are three customer stories that emphasize a human-interest element behind network virtualization and showcase the power of technologies like NSX to better human lives.


NSX Powers a ‘Classroom in the Cloud’ for Illinois Students

 When the technology leaders of Bloomington’s public schools started looking for a way to make advanced, enterprise-level computing and Internet services affordable to students, they went the co-op route and turned to IlliniCloud. IlliniCloud has proven to be a game-changer for a public education system in crisis. The co-op is transforming the technology infrastructures of not just Bloomington’s public school district, but every school district in Illinois with an affordable and efficient model that results in major cost savings for schools, along with upgrades in technology and aging infrastructures.


VMware is the backbone of IlliniCloud and a natural fit, according to Jason Radford, CTO of IlliniCloud: “VMware believed in the IlliniCloud. They gave us the tools that were Continue reading

Want to Learn More About SD-WAN? Register for Our SD-WAN 101 Webinar Series

SD-WAN Webinar

No other technology in recent history has experienced the growth rate that SD-WAN currently possesses. The buzz is high, the benefits are numerous, and its strategic position in digital transformation is critical. Enterprises are changing their legacy networks and dramatically improving the way they do business, offering next-generation technology today because of SD-WAN.

You May Be Wondering:

  • What makes SD-WAN different than a WAN?
  • Why is it so important to the network fabric of today’s businesses?
  • Why is it so transformative?
  • How can it help me and my business?

If you’ve asked these questions and want to understand SD-WAN better and determine if it’s a good fit for your business, sign up for our VeloCloud SD-WAN 101 webinar. Choose the date that works best for you!

This webinar will provide you with the essential information you’ll need to understand SD-WAN. You’ll learn how to leverage SD-WAN to improve and optimize your existing network to meet your business needs. And, you’ll gain a clear understanding of next steps in determining your path forward with SD-WAN.

Register today: http://www.velocloud.com/sd-wan-resources/webinars/sd-wan-101

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What’s Your #TechConfession?



Think back to the first moment you fell in love with technology. Was it love at first deployment? What about developing code to trick your school’s bell system into letting your class out early? If you love all things technology, or you’re a technologist, then you should definitely put #TechConfessions, the podcast and YouTube playlist, on your radar.

#TechConfessions is a weekly podcast and web series that uncovers the deep, dark tech secrets of some of high tech’s finest minds. The series looks to expose the inner thoughts and forgotten stories of tech professionals. Hear from top tech pros as they divulge the early beginnings of their tech careers and proclaim their favorite software-defined moments. Get insights into what makes these tech leaders tick, and discover their long-burning passion for all things tech.

Director of Influence Marketing at VMware, Amy Lewis, one of the hosts of #TechConfessions, gives a voice to the professionals witnessing industry changes. Going from a hardware to a software state of mind happens differently for everyone. As the host of #TechConfessions, Amy digs deep to get the real backstory behind each individual’s transition into the world of software.


So far, season one Continue reading

Top 5 From The Last 3 Months


In today’s day and age, content is king. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the deluge of information, especially in the tech space where change is constant. We’re aware that the struggle is real. To keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in networking, we’ve compiled a round-up blog of the top posts from the past few months.


VMware Closes Acquisition of VeloCloud Networks

 In December, VMware NSX completed its acquisition of VeloCloud Networks, bringing their industry-leading, cloud-delivered SD-WAN solution to our own growing software-based networking portfolio. The acquisition of VeloCloud significantly advances our strategy of enabling customers to run, manage, connect and secure any application on any cloud to any device. Learn all about the acquisition from SVP and GM, Networking and Security Business Unit Jeff Jennings.

VMware SDDC with NSX Expands to AWS

With VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can now leverage the best of both worlds – the leading compute, storage and network virtualization stack enabling enterprises for SDDC can now all be enabled with a click of a button on dedicated, elastic, bare-metal and highly available AWS infrastructure. Bonus: because it’s a managed service by VMware, customers can focus on the Continue reading

Free 5-Part Webcast Series on NSX


Mark your calendars now for this free VMware NSX: Things You Need to Know webcast series presented by VMware Education Services. Each 60-minute session is delivered by VMware Certified Instructors and offered at 3 different times so you can choose what works for your schedule.

  • Feb 1: Simplify Network Provisioning with Logical Routing and Switching using VMware NSX
  • Feb 22: Automate Your Network Services Deployments with VMware NSX and vRealize Automation
  • Mar 8: Design Multi-Layered Security in the Software-Defined Datacenter using VMware vSphere 6.5 and VMware NSX 6.4
  • Mar 29: Advanced VMware NSX: Demystifying the VTEP, MAC, and ARP Tables
  • Apr 19: That Firewall Did What? Advanced Troubleshooting for the VMware NSX Distributed Firewall

RSVP for one or all five here. (See below for more info.)

Feb 1:
Simplify Network Provisioning with Logical Routing and Switching using VMware NSX
Did you know it’s possible to extend LANs beyond their previous boundaries and optimize routing in the data center? Or decouple virtual networkoperations from your physical environment to literally eliminate potential network disruptions for future deployments? Join us to learn how VMware NSX can make these a reality. We’ll also cover the networking components of NSX to Continue reading

Getting More Out Of NSX Webcast Series


Each episode in this Getting More Out of NSX webcast series has its own topic, so there is no need to watch each episode to understand the next one. The episodes cover a variety of NSX features and explain in detail how NSX is the solution to key challenges faced by IT professionals. With the use of product demos, our NSX experts will show you how NSX allows granular control on an application by application basis to achieve the dream of universal security across the network. You will learn about:

  • NSX optimization for performance – how NSX eliminates the need for agent management and overprovisioning, thus reducing costs
  • NSX automated ubiquitous deployment & enforcement
  • NSX simplified policy management & automation across services


Now Available On-Demand

Episode 1: Deep Dive into NSX Service Composer, covered the mapping of applications, adding context to your Security Policy, and the NSX Service Composer and Application Rule Manager. Episode 2: Micro-segmentation Preparation and Planning with vRNI, covered how to perform Plan Security around Applications, build rulesets from Recommendations from vRNI, and verify rules compliance.

There is no need to watch Episodes 1 and 2 to understand Episodes 3 and 4 as each episode has its own topic. Episodes 1 and 2 can be accessed here.



Continue reading