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Q&A: Fast Application Deployment with Ansible and F5 BIG-IP


The following post contains answers to questions asked during our webinar about Fast Application Deployment with Ansible and F5 Big-IP.

Q: How can we define BIG-IP in one sentence? What is its significance in DevOps?

F5 BIG-IP is an API-enabled application delivery platform supporting a full seven layers of traffic and security services. It's not a tool that will make DevOps easier per-se, but the BIG-IP has (historically) been difficult to administer in an automated way. These Ansible modules are intended to make it less difficult so that you can drive your BIG-IP devices via code (Ansible) instead of by having to manually configure it via the Web UI.

Q: Is there documentation that details all the F5 modules being presented in the webinar?

The documentation is in two places:

  1. The official list of F5 modules can be found in Ansible docs.
  2. The upstream/community developer docs are on the F5 readthedocs page or you can find many technical resources at F5 devcentral. The latest virtual appliance that you will find are the 13.x branch of BIG-IP module. 

There will be documentation on these modules once the modules are released with Ansible version 2.4. For sample Playbooks on Continue reading