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Introducing Docker Enterprise 2.1 – Advancing Our Container Platform Leadership

Operational Insights with Docker Enterprise

Today, we’re excited to announce Docker Enterprise 2.1 – the leading enterprise container platform in the market and the only one designed for both Windows and Linux applications. When Docker Enterprise 2.1 is combined with our industry-proven tools and services in the new Windows Server application migration program, organizations get the best platform for securing and modernizing Windows Server applications, while building a foundation for continuous innovation across any application, anywhere.

In addition to expanded support for Windows Server, this latest release further extends our leadership position by introducing advancements across key enterprise requirements of choice, agility and security.

Choice: Expanding Support for Windows Server and New Kubernetes Features

Supporting Both Windows Server and Linux

Docker Enterprise 2.1 adds support for Windows Server 1709, 1803 and Windows Server 2019* in addition to Windows Server 2016. This means organizations can take advantage of the latest developments for Docker Enterprise for Windows Server Containers while supporting a broad set of Windows Server applications.

  • Smaller image sizes: The latest releases of Windows Server support much smaller image sizes which means improved performance downloading base images and building applications, contributing to faster application delivery and lower storage costs.
  • Improved compatibility requirements: With Windows Server 1709 and beyond, Continue reading

Federated Application Management in Docker Enterprise Edition

Today at DockerCon, we demonstrated new application management capabilities for Docker Enterprise Edition that will allow organizations to federate applications across Docker Enterprise Edition environments deployed on-premises and in the cloud as well as across cloud-hosted Kubernetes. This includes Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), AWS Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

A Single Control Plane for Multi-Cloud Deployments

Most enterprise organizations have a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy and the rise of containers has helped to make applications more portable. However, when organizations start to adopt containers as their default application format, they start to run into the challenges of managing multiple container environments, especially when each of them has a different set of access controls, governance policies, content repositories and operational models. For common hybrid and multi-cloud use cases like bursting applications to the cloud for additional capacity or migrating them from one site to another for availability or compliance reasons, organizations start to realize the need for a singular control plane for all containerized applications – no matter where it will be deployed.

Docker Enterprise Edition is the only enterprise-ready container platform that can deliver federated application management with a secure supply chain. Not only Continue reading