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Red Hat Ansible Tower Performance Improvements between 3.6 and 3.7

As one of our customers pointed out, "job events are not showing in Tower UI", causing significant performance issues for users trying to view job status updates. To make Red Hat Ansible Tower more approachable in viewing Real-Time job status updates, we’ve applied the following performance improvements. 


Performance Improvements

Between the 3.6 and 3.7 releases, there have been significant performance advancements to improve event processing, job running performance and the user interface. This work was done in conjunction with our customers and the Red Hat Scale and Performance team. These include:

  • Added notable performance improvements to event processing to drastically speed up stdout ingestion speed.
  • Updated Ansible Tower to no longer rely on RabbitMQ for clustering and event distribution. Redis is added as a new dependency for event handling.
  • Improved performance in the User Interface for various job views when many simultaneous users are logged into Ansible Tower.
  • Improved job run performance and the write speed of stdout for running playbooks and parallel jobs through optimization of the job dependency/scheduling algorithm.
  • Fixed event processing for inventories with very large numbers of hosts to prevent Ansible Tower slow down.
  • Improved running jobs to no longer block associated Continue reading