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“Building NSX Powered Clouds and Data Centers for SMBs” is available now

I am honored and humbled to announce my new book “Building NSX Powered Clouds and Data Centers for Small and Medium Businesses”.



Building VMware NSX Powered Clouds and DCs for SMB Book Cover Page


This is a concise book that provides step by step information to design and deploy NSX in Small and Medium size data centers. My aim for writing this book is to give architects and engineers the necessary tools and techniques to transform their data center from legacy architecture to software defined (SDN) architecture. The SDN architecture is the foundation to build the private cloud.

The book has about 90 pages covering following topics:

  • NSX and SMB data center introduction
  • Important vSphere design considerations
  • vSphere cluster design and NSX deployment models
  • NSX individual component design and deployment considerations
  • NSX Operations: monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Growing NSX deployments

Many technology vendors tend to focus efforts in the large data center space, the fact remains that the small/medium business (SMB) space represents a substantial part of the IT marketplace.

The book is available to purchase from NSX Store.
Electronic version of the book can be downloaded from here.

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