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Prevent DNS (and other) spoofing with Calico

AquaSec’s Daniel Sagi recently authored a blog post about DNS spoofing in Kubernetes. TLDR is that if you use default networking in Kubernetes you might be vulnerable to ARP spoofing which can allow pods to spoof (impersonate) the IP addresses of other pods. Since so much traffic is dialed via domain names rather than IPs, spoofing DNS can allow you to redirect lots of traffic inside the cluster for nefarious purposes.

So this is bad, right? Fortunately, Calico already prevents ARP spoofing out of the box. Furthermore, Calico’s design prevents other classes of spoofing attacks. In this post we’ll discuss how Calico keeps you safe from IP address spoofing, and how to go above and beyond for extra security.


ARP Spoofing

ARP spoofing is an attack that allows a malicious pod or network endpoint to receive IP traffic that isn’t meant for it. Sagi’s post already describes this well, so I won’t repeat the details here. An important thing to note, however, is that ARP spoofing only works if the malicious entity and the target share the same layer 2 segment (e.g. have direct Ethernet connectivity). In Calico, the network is fully routed at layer 3, meaning that Continue reading