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Make Consistent Enterprise Automation a Reality with Ansible Content for AIX and IBM i

As we navigate through unprecedented times, the spotlight is on enhancing IT resilience and ensuring business continuity. We see that enterprises are experiencing shifts in market conditions and automation can be a key to rapidly responding to changes. With many enterprises having hybrid IT and multiple operating system environments, each with its own tooling and processes, implementing a consistent automation strategy to help scale and maximize impact has been a challenge. This is where Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can help, by more easily enabling automation across different IT environments.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform provides automation in areas that span across development, DevOps, compute, network, storage, applications, security, and Internet of Things (IoT). A common request we at IBM had been getting from our users was for Ansible Automation support of AIX and IBM i operating systems. Red Hat and IBM are pleased to announce the general availability of Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Power Systems.  Red Hat Ansible certification involves Red Hat testing the Collections developed by IBM and a commitment to provide enterprise support. The Collections for AIX and IBM i are maintained and supported by IBM.

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