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Uplevel your automation skills with Red Hat training for Ansible Automation Platform

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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2 includes major features that allow customers to onboard more easily with even more flexible automation architectures and use cases. Ansible Automation Platform enables IT professionals to automate at enterprise scale more easily and flexibly. This means that everything you know and love about writing Ansible Playbooks is largely unchanged, but what is evolving is the underlying implementation of how automation is developed, managed, and operated in large complex environments.

Ansible Automation Platform now includes new automation creator tools such as ansible-lint, ansible-navigator and ansible-builder, a new architecture using container-based automation execution environments and automation mesh, and new tools such as private automation hub and automation services catalog to help operationalize teams to work together. For a complete list of everything included in your subscription, check out the knowledge base article: What is included in Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription? If you prefer to consume our content via videos, check out my blog and YouTube video: Ansible Automation Platform - A video tour.

That is a lot of cool new stuff that is included in your Red Hat subscription! You might be thinking that your Ansible knowledge is really good, but you are unsure Continue reading