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How I Switched from Docker-Compose to Pure Ansible


Humble Beginnings

Let me tell you a story. It’s 2014 and I had read so many articles about Docker (as the project was called then), how awesome it is and how it makes the lives of developers so much easier. Being one, I decided to try it out. Back in the day, I was working on some django applications. Those apps were really simple: just a webserver and a database. So I went straight ahead to docker-compose. I read in the docs that I should create a docker-compose.yml file and then just docker-compose up. An error message here and there but I was able to navigate the containers to success with no big issues. And that was it. One command to run my application. I was sold on containers.

I Need to Tell Everyone

I was so excited that I started talking about Docker and docker-compose to everyone, everywhere. In the office breakroom, to my dad, at a meetup, to a crowd of 50 at a local conference. It wasn’t completely easy, since some people argued or did not understand fully. But I definitely made some converts. We even made a workshop series with my friends Peter Schiffer and Continue reading