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3 new Ansible automation hub updates

Beyond the buzz at AnsibleFest 2022 around event-driven automation, availability of Ansible in  AWS and Azure marketplaces, and Project Wisdom, some important changes were happening within Ansible automation hub, so let's take a closer look at the latest developments. 


Content signing for enhanced security

Content signing is a new feature currently available in technology preview in Ansible Automation Platform 2.2 and will be generally available with the release of 2.3. Content signing provides the framework to establish a secure chain-of-custody so you can consume, publish, and share Ansible content with more confidence that it is less vulnerable to tampering and malicious code. With content signing, you now have more control over compliance and your organization's internal security requirements. 

In addition, we have completed signing all of Red Hat Ansible Certified Collections available in Ansible automation hub, and we will work with our partners to sign any new content as it's released.  

Private automation hub is your internal content repository for automation execution environments as well as Ansible content you create or download from Ansible automation hub. In a future release, we hope to enable signing both content and execution environments Continue reading

Introducing the Ansible API for ServiceNow ITSM

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One of the most popular platform integrations available to Ansible Automation Platform subscribers in Ansible automation hub is the Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collection for ServiceNow ITSM. This collection helps you create new automation workflows faster based on ServiceNow ITSM while establishing a single source of truth in the ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB). You can help free teams from hours of manual effort and have greater data integrity within your ServiceNow ITSM instance. 

For ServiceNow users, we've launched a new native ServiceNow application, the API for Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform Certified Content Collection, available exclusively through the ServiceNow store to enhance and support the integration between the two platforms.   


What is the Ansible API for ServiceNow ITSM?

The API for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Certified Content Collection integrates Ansible’s certified content with your ServiceNow instance. Prior to the launch of ServiceNow's Rome API, Ansible users could download the Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collection for ServiceNow ITSM from the Ansible automation hub and directly manage ServiceNow resources using their REST API. 

With the release of Rome, the REST API no longer provided all of the support needed to automate ServiceNow using Continue reading

The top 5 Ansible Automation Platform blogs of 2021

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Year-end recaps have a way of encapsulating the most significant topics of the year, ones that sparked a curiosity to learn more, excitement to incorporate into our work, and inspiration to put our core takeaways into practice. As a newer member of the Ansible Automation Platform team, I’m always interested to learn which blogs resonate with our customers. To that end, we’re sharing our top five most read blogs so you can catch up on what you missed as well as gain some insight into what your peers are reading. For our Ansible blog aficionados, we welcome you to read alongside us for a refresher of what was most meaningful to your work this year. 

A common thread running through these posts: Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections. As you look to expand your automation in 2022, remember that there are over 100 Certified Content Collections from more than 40 partners, and Red Hat to help you jump start your next automation project with consistent and reusable modules, plug-ins and roles. 

Let’s dive in: 

5. Introduction to ansible-test

Even expert developers can make mistakes, so if you’re a busy content creator, you should always test your own Collections Continue reading