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Don’t Miss our Self-Healing Networks Session at the Red Hat Summit

One of my favorite technology catch phrases is “all technology fails”, but when thinking about the network that thought becomes a very scary one. Yes, while all technology does fail, you will always do your best to not have the network be one of those. The concept of healing networks from a conceptual standpoint (the will to want to detect an issue and fix it as soon as possible) is not a new one, as network monitoring is always at the front of any network engineer's mind. We are just fortunate in this day and age to be able to take advantage of newer tools that provide better solutions. Ansible to the rescue!

If you are attending the Red Hat Summit, please make sure not to miss the Discovery Zone session entitled “Self-Healing Networks with Ansible” on Thursday, May 4th at 10:15AM.

In this presentation we will cover topics, such as:

  • Why Capturing Metrics from Your Network is Important
  • Defining Failure States
  • Auto-Remediation versus Remediation (if remediation is the optimal course of action)
  • How Are The “Small" Guys Doing It?
  • Best Use Cases for Ansible Core and Ansible Tower
  • How Can Consulting Services help?

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