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Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux like a Boss with Red Hat Ansible Content Collection for Red Hat Insights

Running IT environments means facing many challenges at the same time: security, performance, availability and stability are critical for the successful operation of today’s data centers. IT managers and their teams of administrators, operators and architects are well advised to move from a reactive, “fire-fighting” mode to a proactive approach where systems are continuously scanned and improvements are applied before critical situations come up. Red Hat Insights routinely analyzes Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems for security/vulnerability, compliance, performance, availability and stability threats, and based on the results, can provide guidance on how to improve daily operations. Insights is included with your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription and located at cloud.redhat.com

We recently announced a new Red Hat Ansible Content Collection for Insights, an integration designed to make it easier for Insights users to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux and to automate tasks on those systems using Ansible. The Ansible Content Collection for Insights is ideal for customers that have large Red Hat Enterprise Linux estates that require initial deployment and ongoing management of the Insights client. 

In this blog, we will look at how this integration with Ansible takes care of key tasks via included Ansible Continue reading