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Mist, VMware VeloCloud Partner On WLAN And WAN Visibility

WLAN vendor Mist has announced a partnership with VMware’s VeloCloud SD-WAN solution, in which Mist can interoperate with VeloCloud to improve visibility into, and troubleshooting of, wireless and WAN performance. Mist provides a cloud-based wireless controller and administrative interface for its APs. This cloud controller can make API calls to VeloCloud’s controller to ingest WAN […]

Juniper Announces New Acceleration Cards For SRX5000 Security Appliances

Juniper Networks has announced that it will soon begin shipping new SPC3 (Services Process Card) Advanced Security Acceleration cards for its SRX5000 line of security gateways, which includes the 5400, 5600, and 5800 appliances. These security appliances target large enterprises, service providers, and cloud providers. Customers can mix and match security features including firewalling, IPS, […]

Gigamon Acquires SaaS Security Startup For Network Analytics

Gigamon has acquired Icebrg, a security startup that collects and analyzes network metadata to detect attacks and help security teams investigate incidents. Icebrg uses on-premises sensors to collect packet metadata from switches and routers, and then sends that data to its cloud platform. Customers then access the data from a portal for analysis and investigation. […]

Show 401: A Deeper Understanding Of Free Range Routing (FRR)

Free Range Routing (FRR) is an open source routing project. It’s designed to provide a full routing stack that can run on top of a network OS. FRR is itself a fork from the Quagga routing project.

On today’s Weekly Show, recorded live from IETF 102, we talk with Donald Sharp to learn about FRR, understand its capabilities, and get an update on roadmap features.

We also get a behind-the-scenes look at how new features are chosen, architectural issues that can lead to performance bottlenecks (and how to overcome them), and the challenge of making a programmatic interface for a project that was not originally conceived with that in mind.

We also discuss open source communities–how to understand them, the sorts of people that are involved with them, and the role a developer plays vs. a product consumer.

Then we get specific as to how someone with no previous project involvement can vet the community, decide to become involved, and add value to the group at large–even if they aren t developers.

Donald Sharp is Principal Engineer at Cumulus Networks and a lead contributor to the FRR project.

Show Links:

Free Range Routing Home Page –

FRR Mailing Continue reading

PQ 152: An IETF Update On RIFT, BIER, SD-WAN And More

Today, an update on some compelling projects at IETF 102. Ours guest are Jeff Tantsura and Russ White.

We review the following projects to see what’s new and understand what problems they’re solving:

  • RIFT (Routing In Fat Trees)
  • BIER (Bit Indexed Explicit Replication)
  • PPR (Preferred Path Routing)
  • YANG data modeling

We also look at the state of SD-WAN, which is a bit of the Wild West, to look at standards and interoperability efforts underway.

Jeff is the Head of Technology Strategy at Nuage Networks. He’s also deeply involved with the IETF as the Chair of Routing Area Working Group, the Chair of Routing In Fat Trees, a Member of Internet Architecture Board, and a Member of IP Stack Evolution.

Jeff has recorded with us several times before, most recently on Priority Queue 126, where Greg chatted with Jeff about the future of data center fabrics. Jeff, welcome back to Packet Pushers.

Russ White is a network architect, author, and blogger. Rush also chairs the Interface to Routing System and the Babel routing protocol efforts at the IETF, and is a reviewer in the IETF’s Routing Area Directorate.

Show Links:

Jeff Tantsura IETF work – IETF

Russ White’s IETF work Continue reading

Network Break 195: Google Goes For Hybrid Cloud; Gigamon Buys Security Startup

Take a Network Break! Google targets hybrid cloud with Managed Itsio and GKE On Prem, and then goes after the edge with a new machine learning-friendly ASIC called Edge TPU.

The Chrome browser gets serious about TLS, Qualcomm walks away from its NXP bid, Gigamon acquires Icebrg, and Atlassian agrees to sell HipChat to Slack.

Juniper and Intel announces their second-quarter earnings, and Infinera spends $430 million to buy Coriant.

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Show Links:

Google Cloud goes all-in on hybrid with its new Cloud Services Platform – TechCrunch

Google Cloud Platform Blog: Cloud Services Platform: bringing the best of the cloud to you Continue reading

Show 400: The Future Of Networking With Arpit Joshipura – Open Networking

Open networking is a trend we’re keenly interested in here at Packet Pushers international headquarters.

Open networking implies many things, but at the core of it, open networking is about the ability to create your own networking stack. You choose the hardware and software, pair it up with a controller, roll in some monitoring, tweak to suit your organization s unique requirements, and you ve got something special.

Of course, open networking also shifts a good deal of integration work and technical responsibility back to the network consumer (or their consultants). So maybe it s not for everyone. Or is it?

Arpit Joshipura, General Manager for Networking & Orchestration at the Linux Foundation, joins us for the latest installment of our Future of Networking series.

We talk about the differences between ‘open’ and ‘open source,’ how and where those initiatives converge, the value proposition for open networking and open source, how open networking might influence network design, and more.

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Datanauts 143: Getting To Day 2 Cloud

How d that lift and shift to the cloud go? Pretty good?

Workloads spun up in AWS? Getting used to Azure? Management happy because IT is all cloud-i-fied? Excellent.

That was day 1.

Now it s day 2, and you ve got some new problems to solve. Cost issues. Security issues. Operations issues. On today s Datanauts episode, we dig into your Day 2 cloud.

Our guest is Maish Saidel-Keesing, Cloud & DevOps Architect at CyberArk. We discuss the costs involved with lift-and-shift, including some you may not be anticipating. We also drill into security issues and auditing tools, and then look at how the cloud affects developer and operations teams.

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Show Links:

Technodrone – Maish’s blog

5 AWS Certifications in 237 Days – Technodrone

The Cloud Walkabout AWS Continue reading

Network Break 194: Amazon Spooks Switch Vendors; Big Switch Brings VPCs On Prem

Take a Network Break! Today we’re joined by guest John Fruehe. Amazon sent shock waves through the networking industry on rumors it might sell whitebox switches to the enterprise. The cloud giant says it has no current plans, but we examine other ways AWS might get into your network.

AWS adds EC2 instances to its Snowball edge storage device, and Big Switch Networks rolls out new software to enable VPC-like networking in your private data center.

A British government agency dings Huawei on national security, Deutsche Telekom joins Linux Foundation Networking, and Cato Networks adds identity routing to its SD-WAN offering.

Last but not least, Cisco releases more than two dozen security advisories, and Microsoft rakes in the money in its fourth quarter and fiscal 2018 financial reports.

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Show Links:

Exclusive: Amazon denies it will challenge Cisco with switch sales – MarketWatch

Video: Amazon To Sell Whitebox ? Analysis and Thinking Because Continue reading

Show 399: Open Networking In Production

Today, we talk to network architect Andrey Khomyakov, who s helped his organization make the transition from traditional to open networking in production.

What s it like to disaggregate switch hardware from network operating system? Was it hard? Does it really work? What s support like? Was any money saved? Will I get fired for suggesting my company go the open networking route? Andrey will answer these and more questions.

Pete Lumbis, long time friend of the Packet Pushers and contributor to the networking community, also joins with some of his insights learned in his role at Cumulus Networks. This is not a sponsored show. We just want to share the real-world experience of going new-school disaggregation with your networking.

We’ll look at the distinctions between open networking, disaggregation, and whitebox. We’ll also look at day-to-day operations with whitebox, common problems, how to choose a whitebox, and more.

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