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Robot Framework User Guide. Bootstrapped

Eight years ago when I graduated from the University my first job title was a QA Engineer. Lots have been changed since then, but these days I am once again facing some QA tasks. Gladly this time we are talking Test Automation. In particular my team mates and myself are going to develop a set

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It is remarkable how quickly technology giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon and others became newsmakers No1 in the networking area. Seriously, for 5 breaking news from these guys its only 1 serious announcement from vendor-camp. Keeping the ratio in favor of tech giants meet the roundup of the recent Facebook' even called Disaggregate: Networking. [1]

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A burden of many #NETCONF articles and tutorials is that they are often silent about the #YANG part. This is why we would like to highlight this post by Michael Kashin called ""Getting Started With NETCONF and YANG"" [1]. Not only this article covers the basics of network elements configuration via NETCONF (particularly via python

NokDoc Library & NokDoc CLI Tool

For many years Alcatel-Lucent’s documentation was all about authorized personnel only. All of it. And not so long ago ALU opened a considerable part of its documentation portfolio to everyone via its support portal! This portal internally is the same support portal available at domain though styles are now aligned with Nokia brand-kit. And being the same means

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It is always tempting and interesting to see how big guys do their networks. We saw some pieces from Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and now Twitter comes. Big 5 is all set! Last week engineering force at Twitter released an article titled ""The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale"" [1]. The article starts off with networking field

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Here is the question: if Host A wants to transmit some data across TCP/IP network to Host B with IP address of how will this Dest_IP address be represented? Correct, it will be hex encoded, but will the bytestream be like 0x01 02 03 04 or 0x04 03 02 01? Yep, you see where

Yang Explorer in a Docker container

I would like to see a day come true where all major vendors’ boxes (even small & cheap ones) will be 100% covered by YANG models. Can’t say I believe that it is possible for IETF to standard all the things in vendors domain, but we will manage as long as vendors will stick to standard

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Hey there, engineers! Its January 1st 2017 and we are happy to welcome you and wish you all the best.But is it 2017 indeed? How would one tell if his clock is good, if its in sync with the world clock? Yeah, you got it, in the era of the leap second and New Year

brvirt: when brctl meets virsh

Hypervisors diversity is definitely one of the benefits of having Nuage managing your next-generation network. That means that we, as Nuage engineers, have to play with all kinds of hypervisors — like KVM, ESXi and Hyper-V to be more precise. As to me, I love to work with KVM most, simply because it gives you that feel that you

Using free Yandex DNS service in an automated way

This DNS story started when I bought a domain with a specific need — to dynamically create and delete DNS records for Nuage Networks components we use during Proof Of Concepts and customers trials. Earlier I used to rely on Dynamic DNS services (i.e. whenever I needed a DNS name for my public endpoints. But this approach has two

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Here is your fresh IPv6 fix: Tenth iNOG, namely iNOG::A, is all about IPv6 experience.
Technical talks are:
1) Orla McGann (HEAnet) An Irish IPv6 Fairytale
2) Nathalie Trenaman (RIPE) The Sad Tale of 462 Operators Who Switched Off IPv6* (*with a happy ending)
3) Ed Horley (Groupware Technology) IPv6 Operating Challenges

Particulary interesting talk was given by Nathalie from RIPE who was talking about IPv6 global perception seen from RIPE point-of-view.

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There is a popular saying that you don't need to be a programmer to automate your network. Might be true, though you definitely won't succeed in automation tasks without basic Regular Expressions knowledge, that you should take for granted.Sad thing that regular expressions are not an easy nut to crack, and with this post we

BGP VPLS explained (Nokia & Juniper)

It may very well be that VPLS days are numbered and EVPN is to blame. Nevertheless, it would be naive to expect VPLS extinction in the near future. With all its shortcomings VPLS is still very well standardized, interop-proven and has a huge footprint in MPLS networks of various scale. In this post I will cover theory and

Basic IPv6 configuration for Nokia and Juniper routers

This is a quick IPv6 interface configuration tutorial for Nokia 7750 VSR (SROS) and Juniper vMX routers. Routers used in this lab: Nokia VSR ver. 14.0.R4, Juniper vMX 14.1R1.10. Prerequisites The following Nokia routers support IPv6: 7950 XRS systems. 7750 SR chassis systems in chassis mode c or d. 7750 SR-a chassis systems. 7750 SR-e chassis systems. 7450 ESS chassis running in

Using guestfish to modify VM disk image

EarIier I wrote about some ways to modify VM disk images used by Unetlab. Basically it boils down to running a VM, console to it and change things through its shell. Obviously, this approach is no way near a handy way to do small changes like: loading basic config adding license files In this post I will talk

BGP Route Reflection diagram

I had plans to cover Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) BGP Route Reflectors (BGP RR) in a full-featured post, but… But a lot of new stuff suddenly hit me as I joined Nuage Networks team. Ok, lyrics aside, during my preparation for BGP exam I noticed that BGP route reflectors behavior defined throughout several chapters and there was no

STP/RSTP election process

Just a quick reminder on STP election process (thanks to Dmitry Figol): Choose Root bridge: lowest Bridge ID (priority + system mac) all ports on a Root bridge are designated Choose Root port on each non-root bridge: lowest path cost to the root lowest neighbor Bridge ID lowest neighbor’s Port ID (port priority + internal port number)

Making a docker container for a Flask application

Recently I presented to you a project called PLAZA which basically serves as a Web UI for python scripts. It was a pleasure to see that this project was welcomed well and some folks even asked how they can get PLAZA to play with. My fault, I wanted to release it so bad that I missed

Building Web front end for Python scripts with Flask

Recently I revived my relationship with Python in an effort to beat routine tasks appearing here and there. So I started to write some pocket scripts and, luckily, was not the only one on this battlefield – my colleagues also have a bunch of useful scripts. With all those pieces of code sent in email, cloned from repos, grabbed on network shares

Retrieving network elements backup from 5620 SAM

Last week I faced a routine (and quite common) task to get the latest backups of current configuration and BOF files for ~700 routers on a customers network. Sure thing sane man would use some automatization techniques, which could be: 5620 SAM scripts some scripting language to grab latest backups from the global NE backup location