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Quantifying Benefits of Network Virtualization in the Data Center

vmware-nv-in-the-data-center-business-insights Network virtualization for the data center promises to improve service agility, simplify network operations, and reduce capital expenditures. One of the biggest challenges for IT professionals is to quantify the return-on-investment required to justify the costs of network virtualization and the changes it requires in their data center network operations.

SDxCentral Weekly News Roundup — April 22, 2016

sdxcentral-news-roundup-april-22-2016 Here are the top stories SDxCentral wrangled this week related to SDN, NFV, cloud, and virtualization infrastructure: Verizon Publishes an SDN/NFV Reference Architecture — We can’t let AT&T have all the fun. On the heels of Ma Bell’s Ecomp specification, Verizon lays down some SDN/NFV knowledge of its own. A bit of Friday fun from the NFV World Congress. How... Read more →