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GKE Tip series

Kubernetes is the defacto Container orchestration platform today and GKE is a managed Kubernetes distribution from GCP. In addition to being best-in-class Kubernetes distribution, GKE adds all the goodness of GCP to GKE and is also integrated well with the cloud native ecosystem. GKE has been in general availability for the last 5+ years and … Continue reading GKE Tip series

Kubernetes and GKE – Day 2 operations

For many folks working with Containers and Kubernetes, the journey begins with trying few sample container applications and then deploying applications into production in a managed kubernetes service like GKE. GKE or any managed kubernetes services provides lot of features and controls and it is upto the user to leverage them the right way. Based … Continue reading Kubernetes and GKE – Day 2 operations

Kubernetes DR

Recently, we had a customer issue where a production GKE cluster was deleted accidentally which caused some outage till the cluster recovery was completed. Recovering the cluster was not straightforward as the customer did not have any automated backup/restore mechanism and also the presence of stateful workloads complicated this further. I started looking at some … Continue reading Kubernetes DR

Service to service communication within GKE cluster

In my last blog, I covered options to access GKE services from external world. In this blog, I will cover service to service communication options within GKE cluster. Specifically, I will cover the following options: Cluster IP Internal load balancer(ILB) Http internal load balancer Istio Traffic director In the end, I will also compare these … Continue reading Service to service communication within GKE cluster

Getting traffic into GKE Cluster

In this blog, I will talk about different options for getting traffic from external world into GKE cluster. The options described are: Network load balancer(NLB) Http load balancer with ingress Http load balancer with Network endpoint groups(NEG) nginx Ingress controller Istio ingress gateway For each of the above options, I will deploy a simple helloworld … Continue reading Getting traffic into GKE Cluster

VPC native GKE clusters – Container native LB

This blog is last in the series on VPC native GKE clusters. In this blog, I will cover Network endpoint groups(NEG) and Container native load balancing. For the first part on GKE ip addressing, please refer here and the second part on VPC native clusters, please refer here. Container load balancing and Network endpoint groups(NEG) … Continue reading VPC native GKE clusters – Container native LB

Devops with Kubernetes

I did the following presentation “Devops with Kubernetes” in Kubernetes Sri Lanka inaugural meetup earlier this week. Kubernetes is one of the most popular open source projects in the IT industry currently. Kubernetes abstractions, design patterns, integrations and extensions make it very elegant for Devops. The slides delve little deep on these topics. How Kubernetes … Continue reading Devops with Kubernetes

NEXT 100 Webinar – Top 3 reasons why you should run your enterprise workloads on GKE

I presented this webinar “Top 3 reasons why you should run your enterprise workloads on GKE” at NEXT100 CIO forum earlier this week. Businesses are increasingly moving to Containers and Kubernetes to simplify and speed up their application development and deployment. The slides and demo covers the top reasons why Google Kubernetes engine(GKE) is one of … Continue reading NEXT 100 Webinar – Top 3 reasons why you should run your enterprise workloads on GKE

Container Conference Presentation

This week, I did a presentation in Container Conference, Bangalore. The conference was well conducted and it was attended by 400+ quality attendees. I enjoyed some of the sessions and also had fun talking to attendees. The topic I presented was “Deep dive into Kubernetes Networking”. Other than covering Kubernetes networking basics, I also touched … Continue reading Container Conference Presentation
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