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The benefits of serving stale DNS entries when using Consul


The benefits of serving stale DNS entries when using Consul

We use Consul for service discovery, and we’ve deployed a cluster that spans several of our data centers. This cluster exposes HTTP and DNS interfaces so that clients can query the Consul catalog and search for a particular service and the majority of the clients use DNS. We were aware from the start that the DNS query latencies were not great from certain parts of the world that were furthest away from these data centers. This, together with the fact that we use DNS over TLS, results in some long latencies. The TTL of these names being low makes it even more impractical when resolving these names in the hot path.

The usual way to solve these issues is by caching values so that at least subsequent requests are resolved quickly, and this is exactly what our resolver of choice, Unbound, is configured to do. The problem remains when the cache expires. When it expires, the next client will have to wait while Unbound resolves the name using the network. To have a low recovery time in case some service needs to failover and clients need to use another address we use a small TTL (30 seconds) Continue reading