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An Engineer’s Top Six Reasons to Attend AnsibleFest Brooklyn 2016


AnsibleFest is coming to Brooklyn 

We've held two record breaking AnsibleFests this year with exceptional audiences and technical content. Rolling forward, there are going to be some great resources for engineers and infrastructure managers at Brooklyn on October 10 and 11th.

Whether you are an Ansible contributor or a user, there will be content for you. For contributors, the Ansible Contributor Summit on the October 10th is a wealth of information. If you are a user, you’ll have fantastic opportunities to speak with people along the entire spectrum of the Ansible DevOps and development experience both from Ansible core engineers to engineers and managers from other companies using Ansible. So let’s talk about six great reasons to join us at AnsibleFest in Brooklyn on October 11th:

1) First, it’s in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a great hub of technology. Companies such as Bank of America, Comcast, HBO and J. Crew will be in attendance. Presentations will cover everything from the greenfield world in which companies began DevOps and Ansible to technical deep dives into issues and solutions. It’s likely that if our presenters have done it, there are lessons to be learned from their experience, and their experiences will be on display.

2) Ask an Expert

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Introducing Ansible 2.1: Networking, Windows, Azure, and Containers


I am pleased to announce the availability of Ansible version 2.1. Ansible 2.1 is Red Hat’s next major release since we pushed  2.0 in January. This new version adds a number of new features and fixes, and we’re excited to get it out into your hands. We’ve added key functionality in networking, took the beta tag off of our Microsoft Windows support, expanded our support for Microsoft Azure, enhanced our Docker containers support, and added a number of key internal features for ziploader and elsewhere.

On the networking front, we’ve included managing networking infrastructure as first-order feature set in Ansible--no separate download required. We previously released the Networking tech preview in February at AnsibleFest in London, and now it is fully integrated into Ansible as part of 2.1 Ansible’s agentless model works particularly well in the network management space, and with a lot of help and support from the vendors, we are very pleased to have our first major release with support for these features. Networking now includes support for:

  • Cisco
  • HP Enterprise
  • Juniper
  • Arista Networks
  • Cumulus Networks

In the Microsoft world, we significantly upped our game for both Windows and Azure Cloud. We’re happy to Continue reading