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How to Utilize Automation to Revolutionize Modern Networks

At VMworld 2021, we’re imagining what’s possible when it comes to the public cloud experience everywhere.  IT enterprises are expected to keep up with increasing consumer demands, focusing on fast application roll out across multiple clouds. There’s an industry wide emphasis being placed on delivering immediate, secure, and strong end-user network experience to get the job done right. At this year’s conference, we’re looking at real customers and their experiences when it comes to optimizing automation in modern network environments. 

Dankse Bank, a leader in the financial industry, learned what was necessary to achieve the most simplified self-service functionality possible. By starting with Day 0 deployment and all the way to Day 2 delivery, Dankse Bank secured sustainable service delivery and self-service modifications. VMworld 2021 session Network Operations: Intelligence and Automation from Day 0 to Day 2 takes a deeper look at this customer’s intelligence journey to show how you can achieve simplification within the public cloud, too.  

Simplifying Day 0 and Day 2 ops are action steps IT can take to streamline business ops but understanding the modern enterprise – and the complexities involved – is evergreen. Learning the ins-and-outs of the modern network with end-to-end virtualization allows businesses like yours to succeed in even the most diverse environments. Tom Gillis, Business Group leader, NASBG, of VMware, takes us on a deep dive of why building out a better security posture within diverse infrastructure is crucial. You Continue reading

Simplification through Unification: One Network Across the Entire Multi-Cloud

Two major pillars of VMworld 2021 focus on enhancing productivity and consistency. More than ever, businesses are demanding consistent, secure, and reliable communication between apps and users. What Networking professionals at VMworld want to reinforce is that multi-cloud ops shouldn’t have to slow down due to poor app distribution among workspaces. The network should be durable and secure everywhere. While  threats are inevitable, businesses can be prepared by learning how to converge networking, security, and threat detection within the cloud. And that’s exactly what we’re going to teach you at this year’s virtual event. 

Valued customers of all different industries have chosen to allow VMware’s multi-cloud ops solutions to guide them through their digital transformation. Susan Wu, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Aamer Aakhter, Product Manager, are two seasoned VMware leaders who will take you through how customers achieved multi-cloud excellence, and how you can say “Goodbye Compromises Everywhere. Hello Productivity Anywhere,” with this VMworld session. 

While simplicity may look different depending upon an organization’s goals, there is one thing that remains constant: performance shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for safety. Your enterprise should be able to streamline the entire multi-cloud to remain agile, productive, and increasingly adaptive against any threat or operational hiccup.  

IT portfolios are becoming increasingly Continue reading

Learn How to Implement Stronger Multi-Cloud Security at VMworld 2021

One of the major focuses at VMworld 2021 is to educate network security teams on how they can achieve the strongest security posture by enabling Zero Trust. The Zero Trust model is essential to securing your entire digital footprint and to remain secure as it grows. Leaders like the White House, CISOs, and industry analysts of all kinds, agree that the Zero Trust approach to network architecture is the best way to protect not only the existing perimeter but also the critical apps and workloads inside.  

During the Never Trust: Building Zero Trust Networks VMworld 2021 session, industry leaders will take a practical look at what it takes to adopt Zero Trust at scale, offer a blueprint to the Zero Trust Architecture model, and suggest next steps to implement Zero Trust for your organization. 

An extension of learning to build Zero Trust networks is sharing tangible solutions to get your business the strength and security it needs. VMware leaders Christopher Kruegel, VP of Security Services, and Vivek Bhandri, Senior Director of Product Marketing, share VMware’s NSX Distributed Firewall service that will strengthen your East-West security to protect any workload in any cloud. Add A Modern Firewall For Any Cloud and Any Workload [SEC2688] to your VMworld itinerary now.   

To gain visibility and control within the network via Zero Trust, means giving enterprises room to breathe.  Eliminating any hesitation when it comes to threat prevention hardens your organization’s security infrastructure Continue reading

All Things Networking at VMworld 2021

Must-See Sessions for Networking 

This year’s networking sessions – based on the audience feedback from VMworld 2020 – not only feature more customers stories and interviews, but have a balance of innovation, industry trends, roadmap, and technical get-your-hands-dirty sessions. The VMworld 2021 Session Types and Levels summary gives you an idea of what’s available for you and your colleagues.  

If you’re not sure about the different learning tracks or what they will include, check out the VMworld learning index here. The robust Content Catalog will allow you to filter sessions based on topic, tracks, products, type and level; the scheduler lets you to build an itinerary.  

Lastly, we have made a list of can’t miss sessions based on your role.  

For Networking Leaders:  

 For Networking Practitioners:  

From Zero Visibility to Zero Trust in the Data Center

Imagine someone breaking into your home. If you catch them in the act, they’re most likely leaving right away, and you’re upping your security system. Now imagine someone breaking into your home, and staying for nine months – now what? They’ve prolonged their stay completely unnoticed and destroyed the security system you once trusted and relied upon. Your next move? Trying to reinstate the faith you once had in security and completely reconfigure your security blueprint.  

Let’s break down why data center security has taken center stage as of late with the increasing challenges of securing east-west traffic and the journey from zero visibility to Zero Trust thanks to Forrester and VMware’s collaborative webinar session. (Or, feel free to get straight to all the juicy details, and watch the webinar now.) 

The Catapult for Enhanced Data Center Security 

We’re on the heels of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and wow, have things changed. As a global community, we were trying to juggle the unknown and potential threats that COVID-19 had posed. From an industry perspective, we had to engage in an overhaul that changed the way we worked – forever. For organizations everywhere, remote work is now a part of the new normal routine. So, with these massive changes, Continue reading