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2019 Docker Community Awards

The Docker Community is the heart of Docker’s success and a huge reason why Docker was named the most wanted and second most loved developer tool in the 2019 Stack Overflow Survey. This year, we honored the following members of the Docker Community for their exemplary contributions to Docker users around the globe. On behalf of Docker and developers everywhere, thank you for your passion and commitment to this community!

Ajeet Singh Raina, Bangalore, India

Ajeet is a Docker Captain and Docker Community Leader for Docker Bangalore, the largest Docker Meetup in the world with nearly 8,000 members. His meetups are more like mini-conferences, commonly exceeding hundreds of RSVPs and involving free hands on workshop and training content that he and his docker community have developed. Ajeet is also a prolific blogger, sharing docker and kubernetes content on his blog Collabnix, which had over a million views in 2019. Ajeet also helped to organize and/or speak at more than 30+ events over the past year. This year, Ajeet was recognized by his fellow Captains to receive the Tip of the Captains Hat Award for his tireless dedication to sharing his expertise with the broader tech community. Keep up with Ajeet Continue reading

Year in Review: The Most Loved Docker Articles, Blogs and Tweets of 2019

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

As this decade comes to a close, we are rounding up some of your favorite content from 2019. Catch up on anything you missed and get ready for a lot more to come in 2020!

Docker Captain Content

Brian Christner did an analysis of VMware, Docker, and Kubernetes Google Trends and the results just might surprise you. . . or maybe not.

John Lees Miller updated his 2016 Lessons from Building a Node App in Docker. Run through the updated tutorial to learn how to Dockerize your node.js apps by setting up the chat example with Docker, from scratch to production-ready. 

Ajeet Singh Raina wrote nearly 30 blogs in 2019, and the most popular was 5 Minutes to Kubernetes Dashboard running on Docker Desktop for Windows Find yourself five minutes before the end of the year to try this out yourself.

Łukasz Lach and Thomas Shaw spread holiday cheer with some seasonal docker run commands:

$ docker run -it lukaszlach/merry-christmas 

docker run --rm -t tomwillfixit/hohoho

Bret Fisher hosts a weekly Docker and DevOps YouTube live show – a fun and educational way to spend an hour on Thursdays. Continue reading

Black Friday Deals on Docker + Kubernetes Courses

In honor of Black Friday, America’s favorite shopping holiday, we’ve rounded up the best deals on Docker + Kubernetes learning materials from Docker Captains. Docker Captain is a distinction that Docker awards to select members of the community that are both experts in their field and are committed to sharing their Docker knowledge with others. 


Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches, Elton Stoneman (Save 40% with the code webdoc40).

Docker in Action Second Edition (2019), Jeff Nickeloff (Save 50% with the code tsdocker).

Manning publications is also offering half off when you spend $50 this week.

Nigel Poulton’s The Kubernetes Book and Docker Deep Dive ebook bundles is $7 (for both!) through December 1st with this link.

Self-Paced Online Courses:

All of Bret Fisher’s courses are $9.99 through Friday, November 29th. Choose from Docker Mastery, Kubernetes Mastery, Swarm Mastery, and Docker for Node.js.

Elton Stoneman has a wealth of courses, from Handling Data and Stateful Applications in Docker to Modernizing .Net Framework Apps with Docker on Pluralsight. Get 40% an annual or premium subscription through Friday November 29th.

Women in Tech Week Profile: Renee Mascarinas

We’re continuing our celebration of Women in Tech Week into this week with another profile of one of many of the amazing women who make a tremendous impact at Docker – this week, and every week – helping developers build modern apps.

Renee Mascarinas is a Product Designer at Docker. You can follow her on Twitter @renee_ners.

What is your job?

Product Designer. 

How long have you worked at Docker?

11 months.

Is your current role one that you always intended on your career path? 

The designer part, yes. But the software product part, not necessarily. My background is in architecture and industrial design and I imagined I would do physical product design. But I enjoy UX; the speed at which you can iterate is great for design.

What is your advice for someone entering the field?

To embrace discomfort. I don’t mean that in a bad way. A mentor once told me that the only time your brain is actually growing is when you’re uncomfortable. It has something to do with the dendrites being forced to grow because you’re forced to learn new things.

Tell us about a favorite moment or memory at Docker or from your Continue reading

Women in Tech Week Profile: Clara McKenzie

We’re continuing our celebration of Women in Tech Week with another profile of one of many of the amazing women who make a tremendous impact at Docker – this week, and every week – helping developers build modern apps.

Clara McKenzie (center) is a Support Escalation Engineer.

What is your job?

SEG Engineer (Support Escalation Engineer).

How long have you worked at Docker?

4 months.

Is your current role one that you always intended on your career path? 

The SEG role is a combination that probably doesn’t exist as a general rule. I’ve always liked to support other engineers and work cross-functionally, as well as unravel hard problems, so it’s a great fit for me.

What is your advice for someone entering the field?

The only thing constant about a career in tech is change. When in doubt, keep moving. By that, I mean keep learning, keep weighing new ideas, keep trying new things.  

Tell us about a favorite moment or memory at Docker or from your career? 

In my first month at Docker, we hosted a summer cohort of students from Historical Black Colleges who were participating in a summer internship. As part of their visit Continue reading

Women in Tech Week Profile: Amn Rahman

We’re continuing our celebration of Women in Tech Week with another profile of one of many of the amazing women who make a tremendous impact at Docker – this week, and every week – helping developers build modern apps. 

Amn Rahman is a Data Engineer. You can follow her on Twitter @amnrahman.

What is your job?

I work as a data engineer – building and maintaining data pipelines and delivery tools for the entire company. 

How long have you worked at Docker?

2 years. 

Is your current role one that you always intended on your career path? 

Not quite! As a teenager, I wanted to become a cryptographer and spent most of my time in undergrad and grad school on research in privacy and security. I eventually realized I liked working with data and was pretty good at dealing with databases, which pushed me into my current role. 

What is your advice for someone entering the field?

Become acquainted with the entire data journey and try to pick up one tool or language for each phase. For example, you may choose to use Python to fetch and transform data from an API and load it Continue reading

Women in Tech Week Profile: Jenny Fong

We’re continuing our celebration of Women in Tech Week with another profile of one of many of the amazing women who make a tremendous impact at Docker – this week, and every week – helping developers build modern apps. 

Jenny Fong is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Docker. Follow her on Twitter @TechGalJenny.

What is your job? 

Senior Director of Product Marketing.

How long have you worked at Docker? 

2 ½ years.

Is your current role one that you always intended on your career path? 

Nope! I studied engineering and started in a technical role at a semiconductor company. I realized there that I really enjoyed helping others understand how technology works, and that led me to Product Marketing! What I love about the role is that it’s extremely cross-functional. You work closely with engineering, product management, sales and marketing, and it requires both left brain and right brain skills. My technical background helps me to understand our products, while my creative side helps me communicate our products’ core value propositions. 

What is your advice for someone entering the field?

It’s always good to be self-aware. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and look Continue reading

Women in Tech Week Profile: Anusha Ragunathan

It’s Women in Tech Week, and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate some of the amazing women who make a tremendous impact at Docker – this week, and every week – helping developers build modern apps.

Anusha Ragunathan is a Software Engineer at Docker. You can follow her on Twitter @AnushaRagunatha.

What is your job?

Software Engineer. I build systems, write and review code, test and analyze software. I’ve always worked on infrastructure software both at and before Docker. I participate in Moby and Kubernetes OSS projects. My current work is on persistent storage for Kubernetes workloads and integrating it with Docker’s Universal Control Plane. I also enjoy speaking at technical conferences and writing blogs about my work. 

How long have you worked at Docker?

 4 years and 1 month!

Is your current role one that you always intended on your career path? 

Yes, I’ve always been on this path. In my high school, we had the option to take biological sciences or Computer Sciences (CS). I chose CS and since then that has been my path. I earned both my bachelors’ and master’s degrees in CS.

What is your advice for someone entering the field?

Continue reading

Docker + Arm Virtual Meetup Recap: Building Multi-arch Apps with Buildx

Docker support for cross-platform applications is better than ever. At this month’s Docker Virtual Meetup, we featured Docker Architect Elton Stoneman showing how to build and run truly cross-platform apps using Docker’s buildx functionality. 

With Docker Desktop, you can now describe all the compilation and packaging steps for your app in a single Dockerfile, and use it to build an image that will run on Linux, Windows, Intel and Arm – 32-bit and 64-bit. In the video, Elton covers the Docker runtime and its understanding of OS and CPU architecture, together with the concept of multi-architecture images and manifests.

The key takeaways from the meetup on using buildx:

  • Everything should be multi-platform
  • Always use multi-stage Dockerfiles 
  • buildx is experimental but solid (based on BuildKit)
  • Alternatively use docker manifest — also experimental

Not a Docker Desktop user? Jason Andrews, a Solutions Director at Arm, posted this great article on how to setup buildx using Docker Community Engine on Linux

Check out the full meetup on Docker’s YouTube Channel:

You can also access the demo repo here. The sample code for this meetup is from Elton’s latest book, Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches, an accessible task-focused Continue reading

Docker Release Party Recap

We Celebrated the Launch of Docker Enterprise 3.0 and Docker 19.03 Last Week

Last week, Docker Captain Bret Fisher hosted a 3-day Release Party for Docker 19.03 and Docker Enterprise 3.0. Captains and the Docker team demonstrated some of their favorite new features and answered live audience questions. Here are the highlights (You can check out the full release party here).

Docker Desktop Enterprise

To kick things off, Docker Product Manager Ben De St Paer-Gotch shared Docker Desktop Enterprise. Docker Desktop Enterprise ships with the Enterprise Engine and includes a number of features that makes enterprise development easier and more productive. For example, version packs allow developers to switch between Docker Engine versions and Kubernetes versions, all from the desktop.

For admins, Docker Desktop Enterprise includes the ability to lock down the settings of Docker Desktop, so developers’ machines stay aligned with corporate requirements. Ben also demonstrated Docker Application Designer, a feature that allows users to create new Docker applications by using a library of templates, making it easier for developers in the enterprise to get updated app templates – or “gold standard” versions like the right environment variable settings, custom code, custom editor settings, Continue reading

10 Reasons Developers Love Docker

Developers ranked Docker as the #1 most wanted platform, #2 most loved platform, and #3 most broadly used platform in the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey. Nearly 90,000 developers from around the world responded to the survey. So we asked the community why they love Docker, and here are 10 of the reasons they shared:

ROSIE the Robot at DockerCon. Her software runs on Docker containers.


  1. It works on everyone’s machine. Docker eliminates the “but it worked on my laptop” problem.

“I love docker because it takes environment specific issues out of the equation – making the developer’s life easier and improving productivity by reducing time wasted debugging issues that ultimately don’t add value to the application.” @pamstr_

  1. Takes the pain out of CI/CD. If there is one thing developers hate, it is doing the same thing over and over.

“Docker completely changed my life as a developer! I can spin up my project dependencies like databases for my application in a second in a clean state on any machine on our team! I can‘t not imagine the whole ci/cd-approach without docker. Automate all the stuff? Dockerize it!” @Dennis65560555 

  1. Boosts your career. According to a recent Continue reading

We’ve Got ❤️ For Our First Batch of DockerCon Speakers

As the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, at Docker, we are celebrating what makes our heart all aflutter – gearing up for an amazing DockerCon with the individuals and organizations that make up the Docker community. With that, we are thrilled to announce our first speakers for DockerCon San Francisco, April 29 – May 2.

DockerCon fan favorites like Liz Rice, Bret Fisher and Don Bauer are returning to the conference to share new insights and experiences to help you better learn how to containerize.

And we are excited to welcome new speakers to the DockerCon family including Ana Medina, Tommy Hamilton and Ian Coldwater to talk chaos engineering, building your production container platform stack and orchestration with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. 

And we’re just getting started! This year DockerCon is going to bring more technical deep dives, practical how-to’s, customer case studies and inspirational stories. Stay tuned as we announce the full speaker line up this month.

Register Now


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5 Reasons to Attend DockerCon SF 2019


If you can only attend one conference this year – make it matter. DockerCon is the one-stop event for practitioners, contributors, maintainers, developers, and the container ecosystem to learn, network and innovate. And this year, we will continue to bring you all the things you love about DockerCon like Docker Pals, the Hallway Track and roundtables, and the sessions and content you wanted more of – including open source, transformational, and practical how-to talks. Take advantage of our lowest ticket price when you register by January 31, 2019. No codes required.

<Register Now>

And in case you are still not convinced, here are a few more reasons you shouldn’t miss this year’s DockerCon

  1. Belong. The Docker Community is one of a kind and the best way to feel a part of it is at DockerCon. Take advantage the Docker Pals Program, Hallway Track, roundables and social events to meet new people and make lasting connections.

2.  Think big. Docker containers and our container platform are being used everywhere for everything – from sending rockets to space to literally saving the earth from asteroids to keeping e-commerce running smoothly for black friday shoppers. Come to DockerCon and Continue reading

2018 Docker Community Awards



The Docker community has been at the heart of Docker’s success from the start. We are constantly in awe of the dedication and passion of the practitioners – users, customers, partners, contributors and maintainers – who make up our community. Early in December at DockerCon Barcelona we were humbled to honor a Docker Captain and a few very special Community Leaders whose activities over the past year have made a tremendous difference to us all. Together, the Docker Community has achieved so much, we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.

Tip of the Captains Hat Award

Bret Fisher


Docker Captain (and Community Leader) Bret Fisher was nominated to receive this inaugural award by his fellow Captains because his contribution and leadership serve as an example of what it means to be a Docker Captain. Bret teaches Docker to thousands of people through his Docker Mastery online course, conference workshops, and ask-me-anythings on YouTube Live. He is accessible and constantly sharing knowledge with the community and the Captains, and he helps drive improvements up and down the software stack of both Docker open source and Docker commercial products. In Bret’s own words:

“I’m so proud Continue reading

Speak at DockerCon San Francisco 2019 – Call for Papers is Open


Whether you missed DockerCon EU in Barcelona, or you already miss the fun, connections and learning you experienced at DockerCon – you won’t have to wait long for the next one. DockerCon returns to San Francisco on April 29 and extends through May 2, 2019 and the Call for Papers is now open. We are accepting talk submissions through January 18th at 11:59 PST.  

Submit a Talk

Attending DockerCon is an awesome experience, but so is speaking at DockerCon – it’s a great way to get to know the community, share ideas and collaborate. Don’t be nervous about proposing your idea – no topic is too small or too big. And for some speakers, DockerCon is their first time speaking publicly. Don’t be intimidated, DockerCon attendees are all looking to level up their skills, connect with fellow container fans and go home inspired to implement new containerization initiatives. Here are some suggested topics from the conference committee:

  • “How To” type sessions for developers or IT teams
  • Case Studies
  • Technical deep dives into container and distributed systems related components
  • Cool New Apps built with Docker containers
  • The craziest thing you have containerized
  • Wild Card – anything and everything!
  • The Continue reading

Hands-on Learning Opportunities at DockerCon EU


The value of attending a conference is measured by how much you can learn and who you will meet. While DockerCon has you covered on both fronts. We know that everyone learns differently so the conference provides three options for you.

Workshops: Starting this year at DockerCon San Francisco, we introduced a track dedicated to workshops where technical experts deliver 2-hour deep dive sessions with hands-on tutorials to deepen your understanding of Docker technology, Kubernetes, Isito and solutions from our ecosystem partners. Included as part of your conference pass, you must pre-register for workshops to save your seat.  

Hands on Labs: I instructor-led isn’t your thing, check out the self-paced Hands-On Labs. Also included with our conference pass, Hands-On Labs are available at any time throughout the conference. Drop in between sessions or anytime – grab a seat and launch a tutorial. Docker moderators will be on hand to help answer questions.

Training: In addition, you can add official Docker training courses to your DockerCon schedule at a discounted rate. Come early to Barcelona for a 2 day training course led by Docker authorized instructors and designed specifically for your role in using containers. Each course features a variety Continue reading

Announcing the DockerCon EU 2018 Sessions


DockerCon EU 2018 sessions focus on how Docker works for you. From the latest in Docker technology, to how-tos for your developer and IT infrastructure and operations team, to customer stories on how they are transforming their business with Docker, this year’s program was revamped based on audience feedback. The result –  we’ve doubled your favorite content! That’s right, we’ve expanded our popular Using Docker track into two customized tracks for those that are hands on with Docker technology on a daily basis – Using Docker for Developers and Using Docker for IT Infrastructure and Operations.  

DockerCon is for Teams

DockerCon is better with friends and colleagues. In Barcelona we are introducing tracks specifically dedicated to developers and IT Infrastructure and Operations professionals. Combined with hands-on learning opportunities with Official Training, Workshops and Labs, there is no shortage of ways to level up on how to work with containers every day. So grab your colleagues and register together to take advantage of our DockerCon for Teams offer: Teams of 4 or more get 10% off their registration and 10 or more get 20% off.

Using Docker for Developers

This track is designed to cover the range of topics applicable Continue reading

5 Reasons to Attend DockerCon

Are you ready to get started with Docker and containers or level up your current use?

Join the Docker team, the container ecosystem, contributors and maintainers, developers, IT professionals and executives at DockerCon Barcelona December 3-5. DockerCon is the must attend conference to learn, network and innovate with the container industry.

Besides Barcelona being a beautiful city with delicious food, here are our top 5 reasons to attend DockerCon:

  1. Think big. Docker containers and our container platform are being used everywhere for everything. Your possibilities are endless, from sending rockets to space to literally save the earth from asteroids, to running intensive genomics analysis to find cures for diseases or keeping e-commerce running smoothly for black Friday shoppers. Come to DockerCon and imagine your digital future.
  2. Start small. The promise of containerization is big, but the sheer volume of options can be intimidating. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. DockerCon has a path for you for each stage of the journey: from getting started, to launching your first project, to scaling out your environment, to building some new and innovating.
  3. The. Best. Content. DockerCon is known for its amazing speakers who deliver real takeaways and lessons learned. Continue reading

What’s on your DockerCon 2018 Agenda?

DockerCon is quickly approaching, taking place next week from June 12th – 15th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The conference will welcome 6,000+ developers, sysadmins, architects, VP of Apps and other IT leaders to get hands-on with the latest innovations in the container ecosystem at DockerCon 2018.

Have you scheduled your DockerCon Agenda or RSVP’d for sessions?

Check out the DockerCon Agenda Builder to browse and search the sessions. As an attendee log in using the information and create your DockerCon schedule.

We’ve brought back some of your favorite from past DockerCon events and are also thrilled to welcome many first-time DockerCon speakers to the stage. Here is a first look at some of our favorites sessions:

Customers in Production

Use case sessions highlight how companies are using Docker to modernize their infrastructure and build, manage and secure  distributed applications. These sessions are heavy on business value, ROI and production implementation advice, and learnings.

  • Building your NoSQL ship: How an Enterprise transitioned from a RDBMS to NoSQL DB using Agile and Docker by Jonell Taylor, Metlife
  • Black Friday and 100K Deployments Per Year by Srikanth Bulusu & Sanjoy Mukherjee, JCPenney
  • Packaging Software for Distribution on the Continue reading

Welcome New Docker Captains

Today, we are excited to announce our new Docker Captains! Docker Captains are technology experts and leaders in their communities who are passionate about sharing their Docker knowledge with others. Individuals are awarded the distinction of Docker Captain because of their technical expertise, content and technical contributions to the community  and outstanding engagement with Docker’s users.

The New Captains Class

New Docker Captains

New Docker Captains

Arjuna and Nicolas - Captains


Follow the Captains

Follow all of the Captains on twitter. Also check out the Captains GitHub repo to see what projects they have been working on.

Learn more about each Captain

Docker Captains are eager to bring their technical expertise to new audiences both offline and online around the world – don’t hesitate to reach out to them via the social links on their Captain profile pages. You can filter the captains by location, expertise, and more.

Alex Iankoulski

Alex has 20+ years of experience in the software industry. He is currently a Principal Software Architect for Data Science and Analytics at Baker Hughes, a GE Company where he focuses on enabling deep learning scientists and analytics experts to bring algorithms and new modeling techniques from prototype to production using containers. He believes that good tools get out of Continue reading