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D2C234: What to Do About VMware

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware has generated a lot of anxiety among VMware customers. In this episode, we closely analyze the situation. First, we look at Broadcom’s past acquisitions in the infrastructure sector. Then we examine the product alignment and possible new product offerings and whether the acquisition will hamper innovation and development. We also cover... Read more »

D2C233: Pinning Down Private Clouds

What are we talking about when we are all talking about private clouds? On-prem? Hybrid? Virtualization? Where does hardware fit into it all– and would younger engineers even know what to do with a physical piece of hardware? Driven by Broadcom’s acquisition of VMare and the anticipated rising costs of VMare licenses, enterprises are exploring... Read more »

Tech Bytes: Securing IoT/OT Devices: Beyond Traditional Solutions (Sponsored)

Hackers access a casino’s network through a fish tank thermometer. No, this isn’t Ocean’s Eleven, this is the reality of IoT/OT risks to enterprises today. Through its AI/ML-powered system, Palo Alto Networks takes a multi-pronged approach to these threats: Device identification, risk assessment, segmentation in zero trust policies, intrusion prevention, and automated security workflow. Kalyan... Read more »

HN719: Meet SuzieQ, The Network Observability Application

Guest Dinesh Dutt introduces his newest creation, SuzieQ. It’s a network observability platform application that has both a free, open source version and an enterprise version. Lightweight, fast, and platform-agnostic, SuzieQ’s use cases include network documentation, troubleshooting, fabric-wide visibility, network refresh and redesign, low/no code validation, audits and compliance, and proactive health checks. Hosts Ethan... Read more »