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Performance Improvements in Automation Controller 4.1

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2 is the next generation automation platform from Red Hat’s trusted enterprise technology experts. With the release of Ansible Automation Platform 2.1, users now have access to the latest control plane – automation controller 4.1.

Automation controller helps standardize how automation is deployed, initiated, delegated, and audited, allowing enterprises to automate with confidence while reducing sprawl and variance. Users can manage inventory, launch and schedule workflows, track changes, and integrate into reporting, all from a centralized user interface and RESTful API.

Automation controller 4.1 provides significant performance improvements when compared to its predecessor Ansible Tower 3.8. To put this into context, we used Ansible Tower 3.8 to run jobs, capture various metrics while jobs were running/finished, and compare that with automation controller 4.1. This post highlights the significant performance improvements in automation controller 4.1.

Benchmark framework

In order to deep dive into the prospective performance enhancements with the latest automation controller, we at the performance engineering team at Red Hat created a benchmarking framework consisting of the following workflow:

  • Installation of RHEL 8.3 virtual machines with 4 CPU and 16 GB RAM deployed within the IBM Cloud
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