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Getting Started with VMware Transit Connect Intra-Region Peering for VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Transit Connect has proven itself as a valuable tool to enable high bandwidth and speed connectivity for VMware Cloud on AWS customers and their Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs). There are hundreds of customers using this feature across the fleet in a myriad of combinations. Since the initial offering in 2020 we have worked with our partner, AWS, to expand the service’s capabilities to include SDDC Grouping across multiple regions in addition to support for Transit/Security VPC models.  These capabilities combine to provide a comprehensive networking solution to address some of the most challenging networking requirements. However, there has been one gap in the connectivity – the ability to peer the VMware Managed Transit Gateway (VTGW) with a native AWS Transit Gateway (TGW).

At AWS re:Invent 2021, the ability to peer VTGWs to AWS TGWs in the same region, also referred to as intra-region peering was announced. VMware and AWS have been working on this solution diligently and we are excited to announce VMware Cloud on AWS support for this new capability in this announcement blog. Equally exciting is that this feature will be available to VMware Cloud on AWS customers with SDDCs that are on any version. To Continue reading

VMware Transit Connect – Simplifying Networking for VMC

The release of VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) 1.12 brings a number of exciting new capabilities to the managed service offering. A comprehensive list can be reviewed in the release notes. A key feature that is now Generally Available (GA) in all VMC commercial regions worldwide is VMware Transit ConnectTM. VMware Transit Connect enables customers to build high-speed, resilient connections between their VMware Cloud on AWS Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs) and other resources. This capability is enabled by a feature called SDDC Groups that helps customers to logically organize SDDCs together to simplify management.

The SDDC Group construct empowers customers to quickly and easily define a collection of SDDCs, Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) or on-premises connectivity that need to interconnect. Additionally, the SDDC Group construct provides value inside the individual SDDCs by simplifying security policy as will be shown later in this post. Behind the simplification that SDDC Groups provide is the instantiation of an VMware Managed AWS Transit Gateway, a VTGW. The VTGW is a managed service from VMware and provides the underlying connectivity between the different resources.

The initial Transit Connect service provides three primary connectivity models:

Introducing VMware NSX Fundamentals LiveLesson from VMware Press

We are pleased to announce the first official video learning opportunity for VMware NSX VMware NSX Fundamentalstechnology – VMware NSX Fundamentals LiveLesson from VMware Press. This video course will provide viewers the information needed to understand NSX concepts, components and deployment options. As an added benefit, this course used the most recently version (VMware NSX 6.2) at its foundation to make sure you have the most current materials available for your reference. As it is based on NSX 6.2, the breadth of new features available are covered in detail including multi-vCenter, enhanced NSX operations tools, NSX automation and more! Continue reading